Innis & Gunn Blonde


This beer is the second one I tried, I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the Original and so, when the Blonde found its way in my shopping basket, I couldn’t wait to get home to enjoy this one. Aged for fewer days then the Original, 37 days, this beautiful Blonde is sunshine in a bottle. I revisited Innis and Gunn’s web site lately and I must admit that reading about their Oakerators made me wonder why the need to trademark what is apparently a simple maturity process consisting of barrel aging. My guess is, barrel aging has stopped being common practice at I&G in order to meet higher production requirements. It’s not so much the use of their Oakerator method that gives it away but more the mention of aged ON oak as opposed to aged IN oak. Nowhere on their site could I find information on their Oakerators.

Look:  Blonde is a sunshine gold with moderate head, brunettes are better at this sort of stuff. It is sudsy and leaves erratic lacing.

Smell:  Tangy fruits like apricot, pineapple and citrus with vanilla hints and toffee.

Taste: This fine summer beer tastes vanilla and toffee only the smokiness of oak wraps it all up in a fine bouquet. Too poetic? Okay, I’ll hold back. I didn’t get too much hops and the citrus was more present in the nose.

Finish: A little sweeter and dry.

Feel: Light yet creamy with moderate carbonation.

Context: Well done.

Repeater: Yes, always.

Pairing: Thai, grill, crisp summer salads like fennel and apple,pineapple / pork brochettes, that kind of summer deliciousness.

Score: 80%

Price: 3.05$

Availability: All year round.

Beer type: Pale Ale

Alcohol/Vol.: 6%

Brewery: Innis and Gunn

Country / Region: Scotland

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