The naked blog!!! review of Westvleteren 6, 8 and 12

My son Dominic, from Montreal, spent the rest of his spring break in Toronto with Lisa, myself and my other son Hugo who goes to school in Toronto. Hugo has just started his Spring break today and has chosen to spend it in Montreal. In other words, I just dropped off both boys at Union Station and they are on their way to Montreal. This, my beer drinking friends, means that for the first time in several months, Lisa and I have the apartment to ourselves!!! Yippee!!!

I got home from the train station a couple of hours ago and am happy to report that there will be no Modern War Fare gunshots coming from Hugo’s room, no Disney channel teens screaming though the tube, no more underpants and t-shirt on our bathroom floor, no more hiding the ice cream behind the bag of frozen peas, no more “Jeopardy sucks!” comments… and best of all, there will be plenty of naked time baby! That’s right, as soon I got home my clothes were off… I moaned Bougha! Bougha!, as I chased Lisa around the apartment… It’s business time!

But wait dirty minds… It’s also and always beer review time. That being said, the theme here is naked, good times and festivities, so what better beer to enjoy and review, (naked) than Westvleteren 6, 8 and 12. Wow, what a beer. Considered the pinnacle of beers by many, when one has tasted it, one knows what the angels drink. I bought these 3 beers at Castro’s Lounge a few months back. They cost me a fortune. All 3 beers cost well over 70$ (they’re about 20 to 30$ each). Well worth it.

Phenomenal taste aside for a moment, the bottling is pretty damn cool. Less is more. The bottle, made from dark glass, is completely deprived of a label. It’s naked! Only a color coded bottle cap to differentiate the 3 types (6, 8 and 12). The ones I bought had a post-production cheap ass computer printed label of about ¾” x 1 ½” with some legal note which, I guess, the Canadian government demands for import purposes and such.

The “6” green cap:
The “6” pours perfect, a golden hue with just the right amount of head. The first few notes are fruity with hints of clover. The carbonization keeps going for some time and as the beer settles in the glass the head remains generous yet not in the way. What I found most striking about number 6 is its taste; a blonde ale which makes for a more “relaxed” summer beer. The closest a trappist beer with 6% alcohol will ever get to being a session beer.

Price: $ 24.00 (restaurant price)

Beer type: Ale

330ml bottle

6% Alcohol/Vol.

Country / Region: Belgium.

The “8” blue cap:
This version of Westvleteren is according to many the favorite one. It tends to go back and forth between 8 and 12, not so much the 6. When I poured this beer, the aroma of green apples is what stood out for me. I almost expected an Orval taste. It poured brownish like caramel and chocolate and the head was nice and foamy, like rootbeer. Although the head reduced quite rapidly, it never fully went away. Lasted throughout the entire consumption.

Overall, this beer tastes really good, with hints of green apples, roasted malt, chocolate and eventually spices found their way. What I enjoyed most about this beer is the fact that, unlike some trappist ales, which can get to be a little too much of a good thing, number 8 maintained a pleasurable experience up to the last drop.

Price: $ 28.00 (restaurant price)

Beer type: Ale

330ml bottle

8% Alcohol/Vol.

Country / Region: Belgium.

The “12” orange cap
Ahhh, how can I convey to you the absolute necessity in you trying this beer before you die. Seriously, make this a bucket list item. 6 was good, 8 was great, 12 is divine. Majestic even. It pours dark brown with a red hue and whitish head. The aromas are that of an English Barley wine a little due to its high alcohol content. The beer is just delicious and keeps giving every step of the way. One of the first things I noticed when I drank it is the absence of after taste. None whatsoever. Not that an after taste is always bad, but sometimes Trappist beers can make you clench your jaw, especially the ones with a higher alcohol level. The beers tastes like dried fruits, darker fruits (plums, red grapes) and of course, caramel. The carbonation is soft and lasts throughout the consumption. I found this beer to be well rounded with delicious hints of all the above at one time or another. The opinion of beer drinkers seem to vary from best in the world to very good. Personally, I enjoyed it a great deal. I think it deserves the highest mark. I just hope my opinion is not tainted from the fact that it’s hard to find and expensive, but I don’t think so, I tried real hard to find negative things to say about it and frankly, nothing came up.

Price: $ 32.00 (restaurant price)

Beer type: Ale

330ml bottle

12% Alcohol/Vol.

Country / Region: Belgium.

So this is it for my naked blog folks! I hope you enjoyed it, and now that I have spent the last few days reviewing beers and hanging around without very much clothes on, a few days have passed by and I’ll see my boys this coming Friday. I got to tell you, there is a sense of silence and freedom in the house but truth be told, I miss my boys 😉

So try and get your hand of these beers. Enjoy them and cheers!


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