A call out to all my FB Greek friends… Mythos beer review!!!

It was a hot summer almost 30 years ago when the Safos brothers moved 3 doors down on my street. Eventually, with our bike riding interests, AC/DC discussions, mutual need to learn each others language (me English, them French) and the local girls, we became friends, good friends still today. Once you become friends with a Greek, you quickly, if willing, become friends with 10 Greeks. That’s what happened. Today, it’s pretty safe to say, a large majority of my good friends are Greeks. And so, this beer review is for you! Not so much the beer itself, more the homage to your country and our friendship.

So here it is, Mythos, the beer I will review today. Now I have to be honest, without knowing the opinion of my Greek friends on this beer, I kind of expect some of them to tell me; “Steph, you could have picked a better beer to represent us”. Yes I could have. In all honesty, Mythos seems to be a popular yet average beer, the Miller or Corona of Greece, not a bad thing, just a category. So before I go any further, my apologies for my unfortunate restriction in finding a much better beer to review. Greek gems such as; Ionian Epos, Craft Smoked beer, Septem, Piraiki and Messinia’s Neda are apparently outstanding, probably because these are mainly micro breweries so maybe the “averageness” issue isn’t so much Mythos itself but rather the large brewery vs. micro brewery rivalry that exists in every country these days. Anyhow, let’s get to it.

Mythos pours yellow with a good fizzy head. the head disappeared quite rapidly however I must say the initial aroma was fine; hops, fruity and a little bit of grain. Well balanced. The taste is maybe where Mythos looses a few points, the beer is that of most macro brewer products, it is a little washed down, and the taste of hops or malt is very limited. The words dry, sweet grass and citrus come to mind; a good thing. the carbonation is very active which makes for a crisp summer beer.

Well, there you have it my fine Greek friends, Mythos is not the beer that I would have liked to represent you with but unfortunately it’s the only one I have at this time. I promise, I will try some of the ones listed above because apparently, these micro brewery beers are right up there with your olive oil and fine deserts.

One last thing, for what it’s worth, Mythos, like many Greek beers, is best enjoyed sitting on a patio or a small cafe by the sea on a Greek island, which is something I plan to do sometime this summer. Beer isn’t always about taste, it’s about context.

Price: $ 3.50 “ish”

Beer type: Lager

330ml bottle

4.7% Alcohol/Vol.

Country / Region: Greece.


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