There’s no cake, let ’em eat beer (part 1 of 2) Well’s Banana Bread Beer review

When I am not reviewing beers, I’m baking cheesecakes and you would think that I would have made a beer cheesecake by now but no, I haven’t but I will one day soon.
I love my sweets, yet my wife has helped me monitor my nasty eating habits which used to be; too many sweets, too much red meat, restaurant and process foods, and portion sizes that were much too big. Further, between going to the gym and my wife’s initiation to yoga, which quite frankly is kicking my ass, I am a much healthier man today then i ever was (knock on wood!). The key word here is healthier, not healthiest. The only thing keeping me from a top notch level of healthy is a little more time at the gym, a little more discipline and a little less beer… NOT! Never will I stop trying new beers! I drink about 3-4 beers a week. It’s not that high a consumption of beers only combined with cheesecakes, my creme caramels and other evil delights, well it can add up so I need to be careful.
If one day, I was to stop baking and eating cheesecakes AND stop drinking beer, then a coroner somewhere would report that after discovering my body hanging from a rope, a doctor’s note found in my pocket confirmed that “the man was in good health”. So, in defiance of God and my eating temptations, I have chosen to review (in two parts) 2 dessert-like beers for my next two blogs. My next blog will review a Crème Brûlée Beer but for now, “Well’s Banana Bread Beer” is what I’ll take a slice of. That’s right folks, Banana Bread beer!
First off, Well’s is a maker of great beers. their Double Chocolate Stout and Bombardier (which I will review soon) are exceptional beers but their Banana Bread Beer sort of left me hungry for more. When I first poured, Well’s BBB, it felt as if the beer had been left open in the fridge. It poured a little too much like a left over beer that you couldn’t bring yourself to throw away the night before. Little head with little retention does not make for a sexy pour. It’s hazy amber color was fine and the aroma of banana bread really nice, but a creamier feel with more head would have been perfect.
The problem with this beer is that it comes across as a Pilsner but with less carbonation. It is rather boring considering its Banana Bread hook. If you have ever tried Frangelico, the italian hazelnut liquor, you’ll know what I mean by its beautiful hazelnut aroma, but then as you take a sip, you wonder how something can taste so little like that of its beautiful smell. That’s Well’s BBB for you. A promising and different beer that ended up tasting less like “real” banana yet with hints of hops, and an eventual caramel-like maltyness. On that same banana note, one of the things that disappointed me is the artificial aspect of its banana taste.
Every once in a while, I notice certain flavors find their way in the mainstream of consumer products and it puzzles me… Lately it seems as though Crème Brûlée is in everything from ice cream to body cream. As a matter of fact, I just recently picked up Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Crème Brûlée Imperial Milk Stout -which I will follow up with after this review. That’s what this beer feels like to me, a beer that got its idea from a flavor trend a few years back.
Last but not least, Well’s Banana Bread Beer sounds to heavy and hearty to be a light beer. It’s a good beer but unfortunately I think with a little more work, it could have been an outstanding beer. Well’s BBB has been around for at least 6 years now and not once it seems, they found it necessary to improve its formula. It’s too bad, I think they should have pushed it a little more and even considered a stout or porter format instead.

Price: $ 5.00

Beer type: Ale

o.9 US fl.oz

5.2% Alcohol/Vol.

Country / Region: UK


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