There’s no cake,let ’em eat beer (part 2-2). Crème Brûlée Imperial Milk Stout review

The follow up review to my “desert-like” beers is Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Crème Brûlée Imperial Milk Stout. Wow… Well’s banana bread beer was okay, but this one rocks.

It pours like the blackest of black holes, thick and powerful, it sucks in all your discipline. It’s a good thing! A real good thing. The aroma of vanilla and malt break you down like a kid in a candy store. I know I’m being poetic but wtf… this one deserves it. You see, there is something to be said about a taste of vanilla that doesn’t smell like an old lady’s Coty perfume or an inexpensive glass of Chardonnay. It’s also why I appreciate Innis and Guns so much. They got it right!

The head of the beer was nice and thick and lasted a good while. Unlike my main complaint about Well’s Banana Bread Beer, the taste of this beer lived up to its aroma which consisted of burned malts, caramel, toffee. The taste of vanilla bean was consistently present and never ended up being too good of one thing. This a well balanced beer throughout the tasting experience where a high level of lactose sugar (which explains the cow on the bottle) was present at first then eventually a bitter hint and roasted malt flavor came through. Other fine notes of toffee, chocolate and burnt caramel also came through really nicely and despite it’s syrupy feel at times, the beer managed to keep its “beer-integrity” and by this I mean, it’s not a gimmicky flavor trendy beer. Watch out though, the alcohol level can sneak up on you.

Finally, it’s a great beer, one of my most satisfying tastings. It comes in a 22 oz bottle, which can be a lot. May I recommend you drink two thirds of it then pour the rest on an ice cream scoop and have the remaining third as a float. Something I should have done.

I end on a special note regarding Southern Tier Brewing company’s web site. If you’re going to have a web site where people can get information about your beer, then you should give a little more information about your beer (how did it come to be, what was the process, how is it all put together). Visit their web site and read what the company has to say about the beer, you’ll quickly understand that my “poetic” opening to this review is nothing compared to their blah blah on the beer. Pretentious. Somewhere in a marketing office of the Southern Tier Brewing Company sits a copy writer who wonders why he/she never pursued his drama art class. But please, do not consider me as Beergonaut’s harbinger whose last chapter is tantamount to a bellicose behavior.

Price: $9.60

Beer type: Stout

650 ml10% Alcohol/Vol.

Country / Region: New York, USA

In the end, it’s a gargantuan beer and that’s all that matters!

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