Never countdown the days to your weekend… Monday night with Singha beer!

I have a theory. A theory that may seem a little extreme and certainly pretentious but here it is. Every once in a while, throughout the week, someone on Facebook posts something along the line of having only 1 or 2 days left before the week-end! I have to be honest, I am not a big fan of such posts because they bring me back to a personal observation I made when my children, who I had every second week-end, attended a primary school at the other end of the city. This meant that every Friday evening and every Monday morning, I would leave from St-Leonard, cross the dreadful Metropolitan Highway -which I hate with a passion- and make my way to Laval. I would be back home 3 hours later. This was exhausting and nerve wreaking and as a result, I caught myself always looking forward to Holidays and summers because picking up or dropping off the boys on such occasions meant less rush hour traffic commute. Thing is, when you are always looking forward to the “next break” or the “next step”, you’re always sort of looking to ”fast-forward” your way through life and before you know it, it becomes a bad habit.

The present moment is life itself, it’s what we consider routine and routine folks, is what you make of it. If not careful, soon, you’re looking forward to the kids being old enough to drive, to work, to get married, to get out of the house, to your retirement and… to your death! Yes, death. Sounds dramatic? Think about it, no matter how mundane a life’s moment may be, if you’re always looking forward to an easier or more exciting time then one day you’ll realize that you’ve “fast-forwarded” your way through life. ”Seize the day” said John Keating, the teacher in Dead poets Society! Stop feeling sorry for yourself on what could be a sexy Tuesday night… Get out there and live a little!

That being said, in my next 5 posts, I will pay tribute to 5 beers that at one time or another, have made random week nights rock. I will offer a glimpse into a handful of week nights that Lisa and I have experienced in the last couple of years and for each I will share with you the beer that contributed to these perfect nights. I discovered quite a few outstanding beers in the process and I have to tell you, I also discovered a hell of a woman; Lisa! If you read my Mythos beer blog you’ll remember that ”beer isn’t always about taste, it’s about context. So without further ado;

Singha beer on a Monday night!

Every second Monday, Lisa and I drive back from Montreal to Toronto. We get home lazy, sore and tired and often resort to take-out. Green Basil to the rescue! A lovely Thai restaurant just up our street where the waiters and owner know us by name and are always happy to prepare us a little something special. Although we often eat there on other nights, every other Monday is take-out night. I order the glass noddles, Lisa the Curry Pad Thai and Hugo gets his yellow beef curry with coconut rice. Singha is the beer of choice. Although it is not the ideal paring drink, quite frankly I prefer my Thai with a good wine like Chardonnay (not a bad one) or a Gewurztraminer, but Singha ties it all together as well. It is a pale lager, from Thailand, made with 100% barley malt.

When you first open the beer and begin pouring it, slow down because it will foam up fast! The head is almost like a meringue pie and leaves behind a nice lacing on the glass as it dissipates. Its color is a nice clear pale yellow and its aroma is that of grassy grain, malt and hops, nothing out of the ordinary but different.

Like a good pale Lager, Singha is a crisp and refreshing beer yet is best appreciated with fun finger food. Not sure it’s necessarily cold-beer-on-the-porch-on-a-summer-day material but it’s got much more to offer. The sweetness, the malt, grain, grass and hop flavors keep coming and alternate from time to time with a hint of citrus then it leaves you with just the right amount of bitterness and spice. This beer is definitely worth trying and enjoyable, it costs a little more than most imports but it’s a fine, sure and intriguing product.

Brewer: Boon Rawd trading International Co.

Price: $11.90 / 6x

Beer type: Pale Lager

330 ml

5% Alcohol/Vol.

Country / Region: Thailand

One last note on Singha, just like Southern Tier Brewing Company, I appreciate a good web site and unfortunately Boon Rawd have failed to do just that and got lost in useless Flash animation and events… I host a blog, I can write whatever I want and 80% of my reviews can touch on life and events but when a beer company misses that point, it irritates me.

That’s it folks! Cheers!

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