Tuesday night at Castro’s lounge with Choklat Imperial Stout

Tuesday nights has proven to be different from all the other random week nights in the last 2 years, in fact it seems like it was a drinking night. I don’t know why but for some reason, Lisa and I often ended up down at Castro’s where their selection of beers always kept me drooling. Lisa would order her glass of Malbec and I would indulge in trying out different beers. There was a time however, for a few consecutive weeks, where Southern Tier’s Choklat Imperial Stout chased down with an Original Innis and Guns had become my ”Tuesday night thing”. So this post features another fine Southern Tier Brewery gem; The Choklat Imperial Stout.

Much like their Creme Brulee, this one is just insanely as good. I like Southern Tier Brewery, I gave them a hard time about their web site in my Creme Brulee post but that was a web business observation, nothing more, their beer is untouchable.

Based out of New York and only in business since 2002, they have managed to rock shake the foundation of beer brewers and made quite a healthy place for them in this heavy populated trade that is beer. So thumbs up to them!

Choklat pours black as night but with limited beige head, the unfortunate part. It did however, leave behind beautiful lacing on the glass. Its smell is outstanding with chocolate. Picture the smell of a chocolate dessert like brownies or cake but made with a cassis liquor and you pretty much have this beer’s aroma narrowed down.

The taste of chocolate lasted throughout the experience and eventually notes of prunes came through. The feel of the beer is what I enjoyed the best, it is butter-like and very smooth with little carbonation which in this case is good. Somehow a highly carbonated chocolate beer would seem strange to me. When you pour this beer you expect a chocolate feel and that’s exactly what you get. A delicious chocolate flavor beverage that happens to be a beer and a high alcohol percentage that never ruined the end. This beer is made from chocolate malt and Belgian dark chocolate; the real deal!

Price: $10 ish

Beer type: Imperial Stout (double stout)

22 oz

10% Alcohol/Vol.

Country / Region: N.Y., USA

Brewery: Southern Tier Brewing Company

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