A long dark voyage to Uranus…


You gotta love Castro’s Lounge on Queen East! Lisa, my son Hugo and I ended up flaking out on supper and decided to go eat indian style food with a mexican twist (or is it the other way around?). The chef at Castro is one gifted mofo. I’m jealous. He makes a fantastic butter paneer burrito and the worst part is; it’s vegetarian and I don’t miss the meat! But enough about Castro’s culinary delights and on with the beer review.

When I go to Castro’s, I usually peak in their beer fridge; that’s where the good stuff is. Yes, like most bars who specialize in good beer selections, Castro’s tries to maintain some type of menu for their beer selection but quite frankly, there’s often a beer on back order or better yet, new beers make their way into that fridge almost every week, so, to hell with a menu! Last week was no different, a new Ontario Brewery from Gravenhurst called Sawdust City Brewery Co. caught my attention with their “Dark Long Voyage to Uranus”; a “uranal” imperial stout. Michelle, the barmaid at Castro’s, said it was delicious and I believed her, plus I gotta be honest, being a graphic designer by trade, their label rocked and that was just one more reason to choose it! So I sat down and poured it…

Long Dark Voyage to Uranus pours as black as Johny Cash’s burial suit; it’s crazy black. The aroma consists of roasted malts, coffee beans and burnt marshmallow. I understand there is a cask version out there but I had the bottle version which gave me a generous amount of thick, brownish and whipped-cream like head which you wouldn’t necessarily get from a cask. The head is so thick, like a cappuccino, that it forms peaks which is how you can tell when to stop whipping a cream when making desserts.

Once I tasted the beer, so many more flavors revealed themselves. Roasted malts came out even more in the taste along with caramel, coffee and chocolate. Although there was just the right amount of bitterness from hops, there was also a nice presence of something along the lines of Lindt’s dark chocolate bar with sea salt in it. Well done Sawdust!

The taste was wonderful and the mouth feel was like an oily cream yet very refreshing and by that I mean that it didn’t coat my mouth and made me feel like washing it down with water or an ale.

If you have read a few of my blogs, by now you know that I like my stouts. You probably also know that I think Guinness can do a better job nowadays. So when I see a new brewery hit a Stout out of the park like this… what more can I say about Guinness.

One last thing, I was curious about the use of the word “uranal” so I looked it up. I like to think that they meant from Uranus if not, I hope the folks at Sawdust City are aware of the urban dictionary’s definition of a uranal and are somehow okay with it… I have yet to determine whether the use of this word as a description for such a fantastic beer is something I like or not but I’ll keep an open mind and pretend to like it for now… I don’t want it to taint my positive opinion of this beer. What is the urban definition of a “Uranal”? Google “Uranal urban dictionary“…

Price: n/a  (5$ ish)

Beer type: Imperial Stout

650 ml

Alcohol/Vol. 8.5%

Country / Region: Ontario, Canada

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