I’m back baby!! Beau’s Brewery visit + Lug Tread review!!!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I wrote anything beer related, I was busy baking cheesecakes and regrouping….

It was almost noon when my wife and I left the cottage and headed back home to Toronto. I really enjoy the life we have put together for ourselves, it seems no matter which house we stay at, we are always, somehow, driving back home and it’s kind of cool.

To switch things up a little, we decided to go through La Tuque so that we could stop in Vankleek Hill and visit Beau’s Brewery, a brewery whose products I have come to enjoy lately. Beau’s opened on Canada Day 2006, when father and son Tim and Steve Beauchesne decided it was time to quit their day jobs and start brewing beer full time. Wise choice. Since then, their Lug Tread Lagered ale has become a favorite at most LCBOs as well as countless beer bars in Ontario.

We showed up at the brewery at around 1:00PM and were greeted by Dave, nice guy. He gave us a brief history of the place and described the different beers they had on inventory as well as a couple of others that I seem to have missed out on. After sampling a few beers, I told him about my blog and purchased 3 brilliant beers; No. 9 Winter-brewed Coffee-Amber, Mates with Dates and their Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer Mr Hyde Roggenbier meets RyePA which is part of their Greener Futures Project; green initiative for sustainability.

Thing is, these 3 beers were now added to another bunch of Beau’s beers that I had already tried. I had tasted Lug Tread a while back but didn’t get around to review it. I had, however, taken notes so it was just a matter of getting around to it. But since my visit I now have 7 Beau’s Brewery beers to review. The Lug Tread, their Seasonal Beaver River which I had just bought that same week and 2 beers that I drank, in one night, at Castro’s several weeks back: Their Dr. Jeckel and M. hide. Hips! That was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much beer for one night.

Given that it has been a few weeks since my last post, I owe you all an apology and I’ll make up for it by swamping you with 7 reviews in 7 days. Keep in mind these beers were consumed over a period of a few months so it’s not like I’ll drink 7x 600ml beers everyday. I make this sound like a horrible thing, don’t I?

So here is the first of seven:

Lug Tread

This award winning beer is Beau’s signature and flagship beer. It is available all year round and is always available. Made from certified organic malts & hops, it s Beau’s tribute to a classic Cologne beer from Germany. It is top fermented (like an ale), then cold aged (like a lager) for a good amount of time.

I am reviewing the bottle. I haven’t had the cask nor the tap version.

I poured this beer in a medium size glass. It’s golden color is light but doesn’t reflect a light beer taste. Light gold yet full of taste with a descent white head. The beer’s aroma was grassy, malty and sweet with hints of fruits. I enjoyed this beer a lot, it’s nice to see a local micro-brewer find a keeper and make an organic, quality tasting beer like this one.

The taste at first is very malty and “biscuity”. Eventually a nice balance of hops make their way in the taste and a hint of pepper is left behind in every sips. This beer is extremely well balanced. The taste may vary from the first to the last sip but never get overtaken by one flavor. The alternating flavors play their equal parts throughout the tasting.

Definitely a beer worth trying, better yet, adopting. Note to residents of Quebec, Beau is considering local import to Quebec… Taxes seem to be an issue, so stand by for more details.

Price: 15.95 / 4x 600ml

Beer type: Lagered Ale

600 ml

Alcohol/Vol. 5.2%

Country / Region: Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada
Well done Beau’s Brewery!



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