a dead fish and a Great beer! Beau’s Beaver River

Alright folks, here is my 2 of 7 Beau’s Brewery review. But first, a quick anecdote of a spring day in my life…

I went fishing late one summer and unlike my friend Marc, who’s an excellent fisherman, I came back home with a small sorry little fish. Not worth mentioning. What happened next however, is. I left the fish in a bucket of water outside by my back patio door and I figured that in the morning I would goggle how to cut it and cook it. However, I can’t remember what happened on that day but I forgot the fish (blame it on my ADD, baby) I found it dead in the water several days later. So sad. I only remembered it because I urgently needed the bucket in which it laid dead and so, I took the fish from the bucket and tossed it in my very grassy weedy backyard; gesture that kind of bothers me now -call it disrespectful, whatever, it’s something I wouldn’t do again. Anyhow, I went on about my day and once again forgot the fish.

Get this, I met Lisa at Christmas that year and some time in the spring she came by my house with her dogs; Leo and Vegas. Later that evening, we let the dogs out into the backyard for their duty and Vegas, a roller comes back covered in filth. She rolls in everything and anything gross. This dog, is by no doubt the most disgusting dog I have ever known. Lisa and I looked at her (and smelled her) and as we stood there, Lisa said “Holly fuck, what is that smell… it’s like death and shit all in one”. That’s when it hit me, the fish! The dead, decomposed fish I had tossed late that summer had thawed and turned into Vegas rolling material. It took a good hour to wash the gunk out of her and I must say, I deserved that one. The fish avenged it’s meaningless death to me 10 times over. Spring time… gotta love the stinky goo and left over trash. My suggestion, sit in the sun, enjoy the first warm days of the year and have yourself a Spring Beer; a Beaver River I.P.eh!

First off, I had it in a glass from a 600ml bottle. Beaver River pours nicely with a copper color and nice head that leaves behind lacing. The aromas of that of pine and citrus with just the right amount of earthy flavors like grass and wheat.

The taste is definitely in line with its aroma. Citrus and pine with a peppery finish. It’s a beer that, like most IPAs, can be enjoyed as an evening’s pick; a session beer. The carbonation is perfect and the balance of taste is “safe” no over taste nor overkill of flavors.

Price: 4.35

Beer type: IPA

600 ml

Alcohol/Vol. 5.6%

Country / Region: Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada
Well done Beau’s Brewery!
That’s that!

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