I am soooo behind in my reviews!!! Beau’s Dr. Jekyll and M. Hyde!

Last I wrote you, I was taking on 7 exiting reviews from my visit to Beau’s Brewery back in late May. Since then, I had only reviewed 2 beers; Lug Tread and Beaver River. Well, I need to get moving and before I can tell you all about a bunch of new beers that are more relevant to the present time, I must finish my Beau’s reviews. And so, here are 2 of the remaining 5 reviews on Beau’s Brewery products; Dr. Jekyll and M. Hyde.

As I wrote in my first Beau’s Brewery visit blog, I ended up tasting these two beers in one night at Castro’s and I must admit, it’s a lot of beer. 1200 ml of liquid gold left me with a little too much of a grin on my way home. Btw, I walked. Castro’s is a block away from our home.

Anyhow, without any further delay, I’ll get to my review right away and keep my fun anecdotes for later posts.

Beau’s Brewery suggests that their Dr Jeckyll, is a beer with an identity crisis between a Kolsch and a Marzen. That’s because it is a blend of Beau’s Lug Tread and Night Marzen. It’s a clever combination given that both beer styles are German, one being a Kolsh which tends to be fruitier and hoppy, the other a Marzen which is very bready –malty. I enjoyed their duo very much. It’s part of their “Split 7 inch” series which features artwork from Dirty Donny who’s worked on album covers for Queens of the Stone Age and Metallica and further, the pair came with a 7″ vinyl record which promoted local bands, and that, my friends, is something I find extremely cool.

Dr. Jekyll

I am not so much a fan of reviewing a blend beer but given that I had a greater appreciation of Beau’s M. Hyde, I figured I should review Dr. Jekyll. What can I say, I like balance.

And balance is what this beer has. It pours slightly cloudy but with great head that leaves behind good lacing. Its aroma is a well balanced amount of hops, grass, bread, biscuit and some sweets. As far as blending two beer types go, the mix is right.

The taste is smooth. Hops and malt compete well together making this beer a well-rounded mad scientist’s potion. It gives hints of citrus with just the right amount of acidity and bitterness, especially towards the end. Dr. Jekyll deprives us of the sweetness you’d expect from the smell which isn’t a letdown at all; it’s what you’d expect from the Doctor.

M. Hyde

M. Hyde is most definitely friendlier than its alter ego Dr. Jekyll. Although it has 7% abv and quite a lot of rye, it is very drinkable and poses well as a session beer. It pours darker than Jekyll and has a little less head but its smell of flowery hops, yeast, caramel and some dry wood live up to their expectation upon the first sip.

The taste eventually tones down the nice mix of flavors and, much like witnessing M. Hyde beginning a transformation, the beer has you giving in to its rye taste, its hoppyness and finishes off with wood bitterness and more rye. Thing is, 600ml bottle are great and all, but let’s face it the temperature at which one begins to drink a beer compared to it when approaching the end is considerable and warmer beer tends to bring out the bitterness and wood like taste.

M. Hyde is a good beer. Some seem to prefer the blend of Dr. Jekyll but what can I say, I like a good rye beer and blending two styles like Beau’s did on Dr. Jekyll, is an interesting idea but the credit goes to Lug tread and Nightmarzen.

Price: 18.85 for 2x 600ml

Beer type:

Dr. Jekyll: blend of Kolsh and Marzen

M. Hyde: Rye Beer


Dr. Jekyll: 5.4%

M. Hyde: 7%

Country / Region: Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada


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