Mates with Dates… a good beer!


Well, I’m not going to lie to you. I am reviewing a beer that is no longer available. But catching up with reviews does this. It outdates you and I hate myself for it. Well, not really. Knowing Beau’s Brewery, they’ll probably re-release it again next winter.

As a part of Beau’s Brewery’s “friendship series”, it was explained to me that this beer was the outcome of a friendly collaboration between Alex Barlow of ALLBEERS and Beau’s. Alex Barlow is a well known brewer from England and his passion for beer led him to participate in this collaboration which I think is great. After my visit to Beau’s Brewery, I checked out their web site for this beer, and a few things stood out. The first, except for the yeasts (German and Trappist) this beer is organic. The second, it pairs well with holding hands, going to a movie, attending opera and goat cheese, I thought that was funny.

Dates with Mates, pours reddish hazy brown with little head. It also quickly disappeared leaving very little behind. Its aroma was peculiar; olives, dates, dried fruits, malts and alcohol given it’s hefty 7.7%.

The first sip leaves you wondering about finishing a 600ml bottle of this stuff, that’s because of the strong presence of dried fruits mixed with bread and perhaps the high percentage of alcohol leaves you feeling dry. But soon, you find yourself liking it and before you know it, you’re almost done. The dates, sugar and secondary fermentation which consisted of crushed dates, trappist yeast and more sugar cane goodness is exactly what this beer needed. It ties it all together and despite its consistent dryness, it makes you want more. This beer is like a clever circle where it makes you dry and so you turn to another sip for quenching, only its high alcohol level can sneak up on you. Last, I enjoyed it very much. Its interesting taste and texture both won me over.

Price: 17.00$

Beer type: Fruit beer

600 ml

Alcohol/Vol. 7.7%

Country / Region: Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

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