Broken bottles are so sad… Beau’s Winterbrewed Coffee Amber

Imagine my disappointment when I decided to sit on my couch with a new cold beer I had yet to try and broke the end of the bottle with my shitty wall-mounted bottle opener; so sad. The week-end after my visit to Beau’s Brewery I grabbed one of my two No. 9 • Winterbrewed Coffee-Amber bottles and the portion of the bottle that is capped was broken off all together leaving me with a rimless bottle in which potentially, particles of glass awaited my vulnerability to pour and drink a beer that would lead me to certain death. Drama!!!

It’s not the first time this happens only I blame the previous time on a fluke and it was with a coke bottle so who cared. Aside from the fact that these bottles cost a little more than say, a Lug-Tread, I bought what seemed to be the last few for a while.

I suppose I could have filtered it through cheesecloth but I didn’t have any at the time and my wife was scared shitless of the deadly glass particles. Anyhow, thank God, for the sake of this review, I had another bottle, which I used my hand held opener to pop open. Since then, my wall mounted opener has been removed, tied to a post and burned to death while stoned.

As I do from time to time, I visit other beer blogs as a sound board and to my surprise this beer didn’t rate as high as I would have expected but I don’t care, I’m giving it a good review. Why, because it’s refreshing to see a brewery cross coffee with a beer that is not a porter, which tends to be the case. Beau’s did and did it well.

Winterbrewed pours a nice clear amber color with red highlights. It is quite flavorful in aromas; roasted coffee meets all expectations and is complemented by malt and fruits. Good head with good lacing.

The taste is what I enjoyed most. Something about drinking an amber lager with a healthy coffee kick made it very refreshing. Thing is, I came from a long cold winter of enjoying chocolate stouts and coffee porters so when I tasted this one, it was a refreshing change. Unlike a stout or porter, the creaminess was replaced by a crispy feeling that seemed to cleanse your mouth. It’s hard to explain, but you feel “cleaner” drinking it. I guess another way of putting it is; coffee-flavored porters and stouts give the impression that they are made with coffee, 2 creams and 2 sugars, whereas this amber lager was made with straight up black coffee, as it should be. The taste remains present until the end and is well balanced with citrus and just the right amount of hops.

Price: n/a

Beer type: Lager

600 ml

Alcohol/Vol. 4.8%

Country / Region: Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

Good job Beau’s.


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