Sustainability is the buzz… Roggenbier meets Rye IPA (Bourbon barrel aged)


I work in advertisement and for the last 5 years or so sustainability has been on everyone’s mind. Thinking green is very à la mode and so, more and more retailers and CPG manufacturers (Consumer Packaged Goods –i.e. Coca Cola, Tide, Sony, etc…) demand sustainable solutions from their staff and vendors.

In the beginning of the year I headed a project that was designed to revolutionize the use of in-store displays everywhere. A system that would eliminate up to 50% of truck emissions, save up to 100 000sq’ of cardboard a month and eliminate thousands of gallons of toxic screen-print inks a month. Besides being sustainable, the concept answered the need for cleaner looking stores and offered savings of up to 30% to everyone involved. How did the industry respond?

“We love it!” Everyone believed in it and saw the common sense behind it but, (you felt that coming, right?) no one wanted to be the initiator.

“If CPG manufacturers are on board then we will” said retailers.

“If retailers are on board then so will we!” responded CPGs.

What I have come to understand is that sustainability is the buzz word in every industry (as it is in the beer trade), and it isn’t going away, which is a good thing, only everyone involved preaches the good word but few take it to the next level. Corporations are sustainable as long as sustainability doesn’t require too much effort or cost one sorry penny more.

This is where my blog on Beau’s Brewery comes in. I commend Beau’s Brewery on coming up with a sustainable plan that will cost them money but worth the investment. Beau’s puts their money (and ours, if you wish to participate) where the mouth is. So the beer I am reviewing today is one that is part of a “Membership Initiative” designed to raise money to install solar power energy panels for their entire plant and that’s a fantastic initiative! Many speak of sustainability, Beau’s acts on it and understands that it’s not about being seen doing something good, it’s about doing it.

Now, when I visited the brewery a few months ago, they were kind enough to let me have a special edition beer; A Hyde’s Roggenbier meets Rye IPA only this batch was Bourbon barrel aged. And what a treat it was. The availability of the beer is no longer valid, but I urge you to read this review just the same because this delicious beer that I was privileged to try is one of many that Beau offers with their membership and when you sign up, you can expect such special editions at your door from time to time.

Roggenbier meets Rye IPA (Bourbon Barrel Aged)

This gem poured dark with a little less head but its smell of bourbon, vanilla, flowery hops, yeast, caramel and some dry wood drove me crazy, being an Innis and Gunn aficionado.

The taste of the barrel age was spot on with Hyde’s nice mix of flavors and it has you giving in to its rye taste, its hoppyness and finishes off with wood bitterness and more rye, all aged in bourbon barrel.

I do not know at this time if Beau’s are thinking about making this a regular product but if so, they’d give Innis and Gunn a run for their money

Price: part of a membership program

Beer type: Rye Beer

Alcohol/Vol.: 7%

Country / Region: Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada


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