Happy B-Day to my son… Review of the Blackberry Porter form Cannery Brewing Company


Wow, what a nice little week-end so far. It’s my son Mikel’s birthday, he’s 12 years old, and tonight on the menu is lasagna. For dessert, one of my notorious triple chocolate cheesecakes -as per his request- and trust me it’s going to be a hit!

Him and I sat at the kitchen table and worked on building a model airplane together, as part of his birthday gift, and we did this facing an outstanding view of the multi-color leaves that fill the trees for one last time. I’ve got a log in the fireplace, a happy birthday boy, two other sons who are happy with life and a spectacular wife who keeps this crazy beer blogging advertising maniac of a man from going completely mad. What can I say, she has a talent for teaching me how to relax and curb stress.

With the model airplane done for today (we assembled the cockpit and started with the turbines) and supper a couple of hours away, I now have time to chill the “f” out with a nice beer, music from Metric, the Neighborhood and Space, and a laptop to tell you all about it.

Cannery Brewery’s Blackberry Porter

This beer poured super black like, wait for it… blackberries. The head was 1 finger thick, beige / sandy and quite frothy like a cappuccino. The smell is that of berry fruits, sour apples, roasted malts, hops and some sweetness like a chocolate / caramel.

It has a perfect balance between delicious blackberries and all the right stuff you’d expect from a porter like; coffee, chocolate and malt. But what really won me over is the right amount of bitterness which felt like a tangy grape juice. It’s that feeling you get in your mouth from the bitterness of pits, the one that makes you flex your cheeks because it left the joints of your jaw tensed. In a good way! Grapes, raspberries and blackberries, all have that pit bitterness I enjoy and this beer captured it well.  My mouth feels good after a few sip, there’s no bitter aftertaste, just a well rounded flavor that coats the inside of my mouth. The taste of berries tones down as I drink and the qualities of a good porter come out; coffee, caramel, the different malts and a little bit of hops, not too much make it very enjoyable. I walked away to attend to a child crisis and when I came back and took another sip, the blackberries gave me another nose full of flavor and the porter delivered the goods. In my opinion, this is an outstanding beer. The head lasted throughout the entire session and the feel of the beer never decreased. The creaminess and the flavors maintained their integrity all the way to the last drop but then, something happened, my glass was empty. But guess what, given that this is a 650ml bottle, I had more beer to drink! The second glass was just as enjoyable. Good job Cannery! A small brewery with big flavor is definitely right!

Price: 5.95$ / 650 ml

Beer type: Porter

Alcohol/Vol.: 6%

Brewery: Cannery Brewing Company

Country / Region: B.C. Canada

One comment

  1. Thanks so much for reviewing our Blackberry Porter! Glad you found it so delicious! You didn’t mention if you paired it with your triple chocolate cheesecake for your son’s birthday, but if you didn’t, try it with that next time. It would be an amazing pairing! Happy birthday Mikel! Glad we could be a part of the birthday weekend celebrations!

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