Stop saying awesome… Great Lakes Brewery’s Robust Porter 25th Anniversary!

Stop saying awesome!!!

I have a problem with the over use of the word awesome. Really, I mean, think about the amount of times someone says awesome to pizza tasting good, to a car looking cool or confirming an appointment. Awesome is just too big a word to use for mundane events. When I take a close look at why awesome has become what it is, I understand the transition from the once-upon-a-time “groovy” to “cool”, but how the heck did we get from “cool” to “awesome”? It’s way too big a step! AND, what’s next? When awesome starts feeling old, what word will we use next? What can live up to awesome? Biblical? Gargantuan? Let’s try it for size…

“Hmmm, this beer is freakin biblical!” It doesn’t work.

“Hey Bob, are you going to be at the party tonight? It’s going to be totally gargantuan bro!” It’s even worst.

I put my foot down once and confronted a waiter when he used awesome. I was sitting at Moxies, in Toronto, just north of the 401 on Yonge Street, when the waiter introduced himself “Kevin”  –like I give a rat’s ass), then he took my order.

“I’ll have the chicken wrap with a side of salad and a Perrier” I said,

“Will that be all?” he asked

“Yes” I responded

“Awesome!” he added.

What? Why awesome? What is so awesome about me ordering a chicken wrap? What is so awesome in him getting my order right?

“Kevin” I said, “if for whatever reason, the roof of this establishment was suddenly removed, much like a cookie jar lid, and the hand of God reached in and passed me the salt, then replaced the roof without making a mess… Now that would be awesome”. Folks, this must stop. We can’t keep using awesome here and there, we must use it well.

So today, I review a beer that is NOT AWESOME. It is however, and quite possibly, one of the better beers I’ve had in a little while.

Great Lakes 25th Anniversary Robust Porter

I bought this beer at Castro’s about a month ago and I looked forward to reviewing it. It was a little expensive but coming from an advertising and packaging background, I couldn’t help but appreciate its packaging which eased my decision to buy it. Once you make is past its sexy wax “seal” and uncork it, the pour lives up to its majestic opening. I poured it into a glass and watched as the black liquid gold released its tiny bubbles rising to create a beautiful thick cappuccino like head. I love pouring a porter. As the glass emptied out, beautiful lacing was left behind. Although the smell was a nice mix of roasted malts and chocolate on the front, I detected a little black licorice and hops.

As I drank it, I can’t really say the hops came out. Chocolate, coffee and roasted malts were quite dominating with hints of vanilla and licorice. The mouth feel was quite medium and carbonation toned down as I drank it and the alcohol finally unveiled itself in the last few sips. Overall, it’s a good beer with a good taste. Was it awesome? You mean fantastic? Pretty damn close to a fantastic beer.

Price: 25$ (Castro’s) / 750 ml

Beer type: Porter

Alcohol/Vol.: 7%

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewery

Country / Region: Ontario Canada


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