A Gibson, 3 chords and the truth… Molson Canadian Review

When I was 13 years old, my parents gave me my first electric guitar. It brought tears to my eyes. Soon after, I spent nights and music class learning every Rush, Maiden, Priest and AC/DC riffs under the sun with my friends Pierre and/or Todd. Those were the days, I remember Chom FM –Montreal’s Rock radio station- played Tom Sawyer, Flight of Icarus and even Ace of Spades from Motorhead; hell, I can still hear Claude Rajotte say “Dat was Motor-ead, de loudest band in de world, if not the universe” –Good times!

Eventually, I traded my poor cover skills for writing and to this day, I must have written hundreds of songs that despite my home-studio efforts are the only prized possession I’ll take to my grave. That being said, it never goes away; the buzzing of a live wire jack as you plug in your Gibson, the goose bumps you get as the band brings life to a song, and the quiet evening when it’s just your guitar, pen to paper and you, sitting at the kitchen table, crafting a new song. I loved it, love it and will continue to love it for a long, long, time.

With that in mind, this review is dedicated to all my fellow musicians; Crash Nation Empire, Pierre and Pierre, Todd, Panos, George, Edgar and the rest of the Chateauguay music scene, the Capones and the dozen fucking side projects you take part of, the Techno POS musicians and last but not least, my very own crew, Mikel, Hugo and Dominic whether it’s hard rock or dubstep… You rock!

Molson Canadian, is my beer of choice for this review, simply because they sponsor lots of rock-n-roll events and help out as much as they can in keeping real music alive.


Molson Canadian


Obviously when reviewing such a beer, one needs to take a step back and look at the context of a beer blog. If I treat this beer like most beers I tend to review which face it, tend to be micro-breweries, craft beers and expensive treats, then Molson Canadian would get a sad review. So, before I go any further, let me establish that, I will not review this beer the way I would review GLB’s 25th Anniversary Porter or a trappist beer like Westvleteren. That would be unfair. Instead, I will review it like I would a Bud, a Coors or a Heineken. I will consider the fact that Molson Canadian is not a beer that aspires to be a Belgian work of art, it is a main stream beer priced to quench you, session you and party along with you. That being said, here goes…

Canadian pours a light yellow straw-like color with a more than decent foamy head. The bubbles are a payoff –it’s a good bubbly beer. The aroma is that of dried hops with a light touch of malts and honey. Nothing stands out too much in the aroma but then again, remember, the context.

The beer tastes like grain, corn at first, rice later; I suspect are adjunct ingredients of the beer. It does have a touch of a metallic feel but overall, it is a better than average commercial lager with good taste, lively carbonation and a nice crisp mouth feel. This beer is obviously not, a delicacy, it’s a session beer that is best consumed at a cold temperature and while wearing a concert shirt.

Price: 2.35$

Beer type: Adjunct American lager

Alcohol/Vol.: 5%

Brewery: Molson Coors Canada

Country / Region: Toronto, Canada


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