There’s going to be some changes… (for the better)

Hi folks,

I’ve been reading back some of my early posts and I have to be honest, my Innis and Gunn reviews are pretty lame, especially considering I have a soft spot for them. So, I will begin a review-re-do of these gems and will tidy up some other earlier reviews where some of the info was missing as well.

Somewhere along the way between my earlier reviews and my later ones, I forgot to include food pairing which I had done and in retrospect, it’s not a bad idea; having said that, I’ll include, when possible, more pairing info in future reviews.

I also forgot a bunch of reviews I promised such as Guinness products, an English version of Griffon Blond and a review of Griffon Rousse in both languages.

Last but not least, I’m thinking about breaking down my reviews by paragraphs for each part. Look, Smell, Taste, Feel, Overall and Context. Context is not something most beer reviewers pay any attention too but in all honesty, they should. Truth is, you can’t review a Budweiser like you would an Orval. There’s something to be said about context.

I might even include a rating system. I’ll let you know.

So that’s that. Lots of work awaits me in tidying up this place.


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