Blame my iphone… Hop Yard Pale review!!!


Writing a beer blog is not always easy, but it is fun. I’m the kind of writer who is disorganized and totally chaotic. I have post-its in one pocket, than a used hydro bill envelops in another… all scribbled with beer notes and ratings. Generally speaking, I usually end up documenting my findings in the days that follow, but not with this beer, oh no… you see, my madness extended to my iphone. In my draft box of my email app, was a sad and lonely review of a fantastic beer just waiting to be shared. It was somehow forgotten, not because the beer was forgettable but because I never make notes on a draft email so I didn’t remember to look for it in my drafts folder. In fact, I remember, some time ago, coming across the empty bottle and thinking “didn’t I review this? I thought I did”. Well, I never did. I found my notes days ago only it’s too late because this beer is discontinued from the LCBO, but I’ll review it just the same because you could find a few more out there. If so, grab them! By the way, Garrison still makes it and the LCBO should carry it.

Hop Yard Ale poured a hazy amber color with some decent head. Little bubbles sparkled their way in the glass like a house on fire. By the first sip most of the head was gone. I was a little disappointed but too impress with its taste to care about head.

The smell was no surprise. Very hoppy; they got it right. Hops, citrus, vanilla, green twig (reminded me of their spruce beer from last winter but without the dominance of pine) and even some roasted walnuts made for a perfect aroma.

It tasted like hop yet not so bitter though. Has a well balanced spice mix with little pepper and good bitterness.

Nice mouth feel, doesn’t make you clench your jaw. Nice carbonation right through. Sort of an IPA but better, richer.

Good job Garrison!

Price: $14.00 (6x 330ml)

Beer type: American Pale lager

Alcohol/Vol.: 5.3%

Brewery: Garrison

Country / Region: Nova Scotia, Canada


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