Budweiser vs Orval… don’t be ridiculous. Changes to my reviewing process!

First of all, an apology needs to be done. When I first wrote this blog, I figured it would be cool to review beers as openly and straight forward as possible. This of course, meant that I could give certain beers the condemnation they “deserved”. That being said, I am an advocate of many things; beer is one of them, (no plagiarism intended with beeradvocate.com, it’s just that I really, do feel like I’m an advocate of beer) my second advocacy position is in regards to context. I have expressed in many of my not-so-positive posts that I felt it was important to keep in mind the context of the beer. For example, I gave Michelob a poor review, but I did reinforce the fact that it was a light beer and if one is on a diet, then one should keep in mind the compromise made on taste in exchange for health. I did the same thing with gluten-free beers and with Molson Canadian. So why an apology; because regardless of my context mention, I still treated macro brewery beers as second class citizens when in fact, they know what they are doing and whether beer enthusiasts like it or not, they answer to the mass market that trappist beers couldn’t maintain if they tried. Plus, we need macro breweries to safe keep the distinctiveness of craft beers and micro breweries. Last, to be quite honest, you either love a trappist beer or you don’t; I can think of so many people who would drink an Orval and blasphemously follow their first sip with a loud “yuck”. We beer aficionados know the difference and appreciate it, but let’s face the fact that the status quo on beer is, macro breweries.

That being said, sometimes my sarcasm cuts through my awareness of context and despite my best efforts to be fair, I end up trashing certain beers more than necessary. So I pledge to you that from now on, I will practice what I preach and stand behind my advocacy for context. So much in fact, that my beer reviews will now include a rating and unlike other beer review site and blogs, my rating will consider the context of the beer so that it is reviewed fairly and accurately.

So today is a big day, not only am I working on possibly taking this blog to the streets, but I am fine tuning my reviews as mentioned in my second to last post. My beer review section will now be divided in the 5 important parts of beer tasting; Look, smell, taste, finish and body. Further, I have added a context section (as per above) which “fairs” the review and by that I mean, reviewing a Bud while keeping it in its context (being the product of a macro brewery) instead of reviewing it as I would an Orval whose context is that of a trappist beer made in smaller quantity.

Much like many other sites, points given to the 5 different aspects of beer tasting will each represent an appropriate part of the rating. For example, if a beer gets 5/5 for its look, 5/5 for its smell, 5/5 for its feel but only a 1/5 for taste and 1/5 for finish, (=68%) it’s not worthy of a 68% score. It would be more like a 52% score which is bad. However, context being what it is, in the overall list of beers, everyone you can think of, because it may be a gluten-free beer, a point or two would be given back to taste so that the beer is accurately rated taking its class (gluten-free beers) in consideration.

Sounds fair? It does to me.

Last but not least, I will include pairing because what is love of beer without a love for food…

By the way, these changes will be in place on my very next review on Amsterdam’s Tempest Imperial Stout.

Cheers, thanks for reading.

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