New review format! Amstersdam’s Tempest Imperial Stout is my guinea pig.

photo 2 touched up

I walked into an LCBO the other day to buy a bottle of wine. I had to stop by the beer section and although I promised not to buy beer this one time around, I did. I bought Amsterdam’s Tempest Imperial Stout and it was a good choice. It’s also a great beer to kick off my newly improved review format. Oh, by the way, my future posts will have stories, they’ll have funnies and they’ll continue to include anecdotes, but this Amsterdam review is all work and no play for the purpose of kicking things off the right way.

Amsterdam Tempest imperial Stout

Now here is a beer with a recipe that is a testament to giving a dam. Amongst the ingredients are rye, wheat, oats, roasted barley, dark crystal, Marris otter (a type of barley) and chocolate malt. The beer is cellared for 3 months before getting packaged and I can tell you that this much care comes out in great beers.

LOOK:   Cool waxed cap. Pouring it was slightly disappointing only because I didn’t have a sniffer type glass which also resulted in not as much head. The little head there was dissipated by the time I was done writing this sentence. However, the head is foamy and something to see; a delicious toffee color foam like a cappuccino or crème brulée.

SMELL:  Some nice toffee, chocolate, coffee, hops and brownie.

TASTE:  It wasn’t as big a pay off as I would have liked but I think I my expectations were quite higher than they should have been. The wax “seal” and the price made me think I was about to drink a treasured stout and it left me thinking it was as good as any good porter out there; good just not out of the ordinary. Dark chocolate, malts, hops and sweetness were on the foreground. Alcohol well maintained.

FINISH: A little sweeter with dark chocolate notes and considering the 9% abv I can tell you that this beer kept its alcohol well balanced.

BODY:   Medium, creamy yet refreshing and very pleasant.

CONTEXT: What you’d expect from a caring craft brewery. Well done.

Pairing: Cheeses platters that include Camembert, brie with some fruits, grilled meat and chocolate bakes.

Score: 77%

Price: $5.95 (500ml)

Beer type: Imperial Stout

Alcohol/Vol.: 9%

Brewery: Amsterdam Brewery

Country / Region: Toronto , Ontario

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