First review of the year goes to… (insert drum roll)… Beau’s Bog Water


So I find myself at a desk in the middle of January getting back on the horse and what better beer to review than Beau’s Bog Water. The only problem with this is I am totally brain dead and quite honestly, searching for a great opener to this review. All I can think of is change. All kinds of changes! It’s not easy being me, at times I want to move, I want change career, I want to change my car… No, I don’t want to change the wife and kids. They are safe, for now ;). But you know what, maybe silence is gold. Maybe my first post this year should just be a review; nothing more, nothing less. And so, disappointed before my dry spell, I give you the very refreshing Beau’s Bog Water review. It won’t quench my dry spell but it will sweeten my next post.

Bog Water is Beau’s newest concoction. For this, they had to go back, way back in time before the Bavarian purity act of 1516 which condemned the use of herbs like bog myrtles as a preservative or for aroma. The act basically elected hops as the main herb ingredient to be used in beer. To this day, technically speaking, a beer without hops is not a beer. Whatever…  So when Beau took on this bog myrtle beer, they threw in a small quantity of hops just for the record. I don’t think many brewers do this sort of mix and Beau’s Brewery claim that their beer is the first Eastern Ontario Gruit. Well done and bravo!

LOOK:  This beer has a hazy orange/brown look with medium head that stayed quite a while. It doesn’t look all that good but keep reading…

SMELL: Yeasty with some cocoa powder, toffee and green apples. There is also a good amount of dried fruits.

TASTE: There is definitely a pleasant sweetness to this beer. At times it’s a little like maple and birch or some sort of root cola with fresh fruits. It also has a nice blend of spices and is at times peppery. I loved it.

FINISH:  Spices came out towards the end yet alcohol remained balanced.

BODY:  Contrary to many, I found the carbonation just right. It had a thin feel yet wasn’t watery.

CONTEXT: As far as gruit goes… Spot on!.

Pairing: salads, cheese, fruits and desserts, grilled meats and game.

Score: 81%

Price: $4.35 (600ml)

Beer type: Gruit

Alcohol/Vol.: 6.6%

Brewery: Beau’s brewery

Country / Region: Vankleek hill, Ontario

Job well done! Cheers to the folks at Beau’s. My next review will be on Beaus Mix Pack • 2012. I guess this makes January the Beau’s official month!

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