I caught it! The Legendary Muskoka Oddity review


Oh, how I missed out last year on a great review. I had this beer in late May and never got around to reviewing it, God knows why. But not this year; especially not after my last post where I vowed to have an equal share of new limited-time beers; they’re more relevant.

 The Beergonaut slipped into his outfit and sat behind the commands of his ship and headed out in search of this legendary Muskoka Oddity the brewery speaks of, and after very little effort, I cornered it, had it in a threshold that only a few have managed to escape and completely subdued it. I’m a trained professional. That’s what I do. I popped the cap (reminiscent of a good spruce beer bottle), poured it in a glass and enjoyed it very much. Now, the head of the Legendary Muskoka Spring Oddity hangs on my wall next to Beau’s Jeckell and Hyde and McAuslan’s Griffons.

LOOK:  Oddity poured a light and slightly hazy yellow with good head that retained well and left behind lacing as the glass emptied out.

SMELL: It had a great citrus, good spice, caramel hints and bread.

TASTE: The taste is sweet in the beginning and eventually floral notes, spices and citrus hints complement the malt bread taste. This is a very good tasting beer with many well balanced flavors.

FINISH:  It finished a little spicier with some floral notes and a well contained alcohol presence that never overpowered even in the last sip.

BODY:  Good medium feel with thorough carbonation considering its 8% ABV.

CONTEXT: This is definitely a well rounded spice beer.


Pairing: Try desserts and maybe Thai if you go savory.

Score: 79%

Price: $9.95 750ml

Availability: Limited. Available now until June.

Beer type: Herbed/spice Beer

Alcohol/Vol.: 8%

Brewery: Muskoka’s Brewery

Country / Region: Muskoka, Ontario

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