Cheesecake with porters taste great! Mill Street’s Coffee Porter review


The first time I ever baked a cheesecake was with my wife, Lisa. She and I made a Chocolate cheesecake / mousse and it was absolutely delicious. I made another one shortly after with a pear compote then, another one with blueberries, and another one, and so on and on and on. I fell in love with perfecting my cheesecakes so much that I ended up baking all the cheesecakes (7 of them) at our wedding.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to share my delicacies with the world and so, I went into the cheesecake business; bad idea. I should have paid attention to my ADD meds that month because you have to bake a shit load of cheesecakes to make a living. My professional baker career lasted 2-3 months. About 6 months ago I started up again with one restaurant and before I knew it, my Blueberry / Lavender became a favorite amongst two more restaurants, my BBB (bacon / Bourbon / Butterscotch made a few heads turn and last, my Japanese (angel cake) cheesecake was reordered 12 times over a 2 week span at Bistro Velouté during Toronto’s Winterlicious event. That’s how I am folks. I get my hands on a passion then run with it. Cheesecake and beer are by no doubt my two favorite avocations. Thank God I haven’t picked up on brewing beer because I’d have no personal life left and possibly, no wife.

All this ties in with Mills Street’s Coffee Porter; what a brewery, what a beer and what a cheesecake it makes. I baked it on a chocolate cake base and topped it with a burnt marshmallow melt sprinkled with roasted almond slices… it was sick! But for now, I’ll share my review with you, later I’ll post a couple of my cheesecake recipes.

The review…

Coffee Porter by Mills is a fantastic beer in itself, never mind the cheesecake. Alone, in a glass by the fire place of the cottage, this delicious beer goes well with a chocolaty dessert, a smoke meat platter or some buttery cheeses.

LOOK:  This beer poured a nice Coca Cola brown, not too black which is a nice change from many Porters I’ve had lately. The beige tan head retained quite a while then eventually left behind some lacing.

SMELL: I got a fair amount of coffee beans, roasted malts and the sweetness of chocolate.

TASTE: Coffee is definitely a main flavor and as Mills puts it “Yes, it’s made with real roasted Balzac beans in every batch”. The taste is followed with roasted malts and some cacao hints. The beer is enjoyable, simple in a good way. Hints of molasses and dark fruits also appear in a fainted way.

FINISH:  It finishes a little dry with a good level of bitterness as well as some sweet notes.

BODY:  Good medium feel with very much carbonation.

CONTEXT: This is a good porter, made by a medium size brewery who continues to care for the end product.


Pairing: Chocolate desserts, cheesecake, buttery cheeses, grilled meat and seafood.

Score: 81%

Price: $13.15 for 6x 341ml

Availability: All year round.

Beer type: Porter

Alcohol/Vol.: 5.5%

Brewery: Mills Brewery

Country / Region: Toronto, Ontario

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