Death Valley, not just a great desert in California… A very good new beer!


I am very proud of the liquid gold that Canada is producing. We have our share of success stories when it comes to brewing beers and that’s quite exciting. In case you don’t know the travelling aspect of my life, every second week-end, I put on my beergonaut suit and travel through space time with my ship; a Dodge Journey. My destinations are nowhere exotic, Toronto – Montreal – Toronto. This, of course, allows me to get my hands on craft beers that one province may or may not know about. This time around I walked out of IGA with a sexy new product from Brasseurs RJ; Death Valley.

I love this desert and love the beer. My father took us to Los Angeles by car from Montreal when I was 10 and we crossed the Death Valley Desert at night; such good memories. I never forgot the United States of America after that.

Death Valley is a triple hop beer made from these three varieties; Saaz, Bravo and Amarillo.

LOOK:  Death Valley poured the perfect color for its name; a hazy dark gold sand color with small amounts of sediments floating in mid space. The head of the beer is a generous foamy white with great retention and it took a good 5 minutes to see it fade, leaving behind some lacing

SMELL: This is a Belgian IPA, all the way. Good floral hops and some resin with malts and some fruits. You can smell the craftsmanship in this beer. RJ Brewery do medium size production well.

TASTE: Again, Death Valley lives up to both its aroma and IPA character. It has lots of hoppy flavor with malts and decent amount of bitterness, maybe a little too yeasty.

FINISH: The alcohol comes out more and more as you drink and perhaps the bitterness goes from being adequate to a little too aggressive.

BODY:  Full bodied with good carbonation.

CONTEXT: Spot on.


Pairing: Cheeses, lots of cheeses.

Score: 77%

Price: $5.99

Availability: All year round.

Beer type: Belgian IPA

Alcohol/Vol.: 8%

Brewery: Brasseurs RJ

Country / Region: Montreal, Quebec

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