Beergonaut comes out of the closet… Bud Light Platinum review.


Hold your horses… I’m not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, you Seinfeldians… no folks, the closet I’m coming out of is the sci-fi geek closet. I, beergonaut, am a sci-fi geek. Sorry gentlemen, I remain an avid fan of women. If you hadn’t figured put my sci-fi tendencies, I can’t help you… I mean, who else calls himself a Beergonaut? Here’s a quiz for you; if I was to tell you “bow ties are cool!” or “Has someone been peeking at my Christmas list?” or better yet, “Don’t blink”, would you know the reference? It’s Doctor Who. In our home, Doctor Who is king. We own Doctor Who mugs, t-shirts and a sonic screwdriver which my wife gave me for my birthday. Ever since, I’ve been unlocking all kinds of doors.

When I saw the ad for Bud Light Platinum, I had to try it. It’s the laser beam that carves Platinum at the end of the ad that got me curious. Proof, that I’m a sucker for sci-fi.

And so, while there are many beers out there that many might say deserve the time of day way more than Budweiser, I need to include new products from Macro breweries every once in a while so here it is… I’ve filed my quota of macro beers for the next 3 months.

LOOK:   To be honest, I am the first person to praise context so, I should give this beer the expectation it deserves but unfortunately it lives up to its critical reviews. The beer is pale, so pale it looks like a Gothic teenager without eyeliner. Budweiser was accused (sued even) a few months ago on allegations that their beers were watered down. After seeing the color of this one… I don’t know man, it’s pretty freakin pale. Head was limited yet the carbonation kept on bubbling up from the bottom.

SMELL:  Nothing. I smell nothing worth mentioning.  Lisa took a whiff and said; “it smells like that bathing suit you left in a plastic bag for over a week”. Oops! But on a more serious note, it smells like adjunct ingredients, grain, some sweetness and a strong metallic note, not much else; which isn’t so uncommon for this type of beer.

TASTE: Better than I expected given the smell. It is somewhat grainy with the sweetness of corn and faint malts. Not much taste; kind of like most Budweiser products but with a higher alcohol level.

FINISH: The finish is somewhat dry and kind of sweeter. It finishes better than it started.

FEEL: Light, watery and crisp with great carbonation

CONTEXT: Budweiser calls it a strong beer. They’re wrong. Something else bugs me about this whole thing… the words strong beer and light beer, together in one product seem contradictory.

REPEAT: Does a bear shit in a toilet?

Pairing: Hot wings and nacho platters -whatever the hell jocks eat.

Score: 58%

Price: too much.

Availability: All year round but maybe with a little luck it’ll be discontinued soon.

Beer type: Light strong beer

Alcohol/Vol.: 6%

Brewery: Anhauser Bush

Country / Region: Ontario, Canada

Conclusion: Exterminate. Exterminate. Exterminate.

Bah, I’m being a bit of a dick. It’s not a bad beer if that’s what you want and like. If Budweiser and other macro beers are your thing, than cheers to you, and more micro and craft brews for us.

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