Moving is sooooo much fun! Linderman’s Pecheresse Review


Folks, I’m not going to lie to you, this one’s a bit of a filler post. I am in the process of unpacking all the junk that I’ve accumulated over the last 3 years, never expecting the need to move it any time soon. We moved this week-end and thanks to the valiant efforts of my son Hugo who spared me a bad back, my wife Lisa who kept her cool and my good friend Maryse who ended up tied down in Toronto because of a lengthier than expected press approval process, we managed to move all the stuff from our tiny apartment into our new home on Kingston Road, Toronto. This move comes with a great reward, my middle son Dominic is coming to live with us for the next school year… Yippee!

That being said, a great review of two maple beers is lined up but it needs more work and so, for now, here a little blurb on a Peach beer I enjoyed a few weeks ago; Pecheresse from Linderman.

LOOK: Pecheresse, which is a clever merge of both French words peachy and sinful, pours a hazy orange with lively carbonation resembling a sparkling wine.

SMELL: Its smell is that of ripe peaches, sex (yes, sex), sweetness, sour, sugar, candy apple.

TASTE: This beer tastes like dessert or, any “digestifs” you may have after a good meal. This one reminds me of a ice cider mixed or a nice porto. Its taste is more liquorish than beer and that actually meets the Lambic criteria dead on. The sourness, the hops and malts towards the middle are very well balanced.

FINISH: It finishes sweet again –well done.

FEEL: This beer is a velvety syrupy drink that manages to be refreshing because of its healthy carbonation.

CONTEXT: Peaches: 10/10. Lambic: 10/10

REPEAT: Not always, but most certainly.

Pairing: Fruit platters, Desserts, strong creamy cheeses.

Score: 78%

Price: $2.90 / 250ml

Availability: All year round

Beer type: Lambic Fruit beer

Alcohol/Vol.: 2.5%

Brewery: Linderman

Country / Region: Belgium

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