Bacon, chefs and doughnuts! Rogue’s Voodoo doughnut Maple Bacon review



What are the 3 main ingredients in French cuisine? The answer is; Cream, cream and cream and as cute and funny as this may sound, it’s gotten out of hand. Bacon for one, has been so overused in food the past 3 years that it’s managed to break through the food barrier and populated shaving creams, condoms and toothpaste; places that quite frankly, don’t need bacon flavoring. This of course means one thing; bacon is out folks! When designer brands become available at Wal-Mart, they’re done. Wear something else –if you shallowly follow fashion trends, that is. It’s kinda the same with bacon.

Let me paint a picture; when was the last time you had a couple of hot dogs and fries and thought “I really shouldn’t be eating this”? The reason for this questioning is justified, hot dogs and fries are not made from the best ingredients and the salt, saturated fat and calorie counts are high, very high. Now let me paint another picture. When my wife and I treat ourselves to an occasional gourmet meal, I can tell you that many Chefs prepare decadent meals that manage to slow down our heartbeat by the time dessert. Folks, I have had my red meat topped with foie gras and truffles with a side order of fries and handmade aioli and have walked out of 300.00$ tab restaurants that left me bloated and achy for days. Somehow, we have come to accept gourmet decadence from Chefs and, we pardon them every time.

It’s simple, our body craves 3 things; salt, fats and sugar. That’s why fast food survives –it’s what they shove down the throats of anyone willing. With that in mind, expensive doesn’t mean lean. I think fats, salts and sugar have become somewhat of a go-to when preparing gourmet meals which we –the patrons- praise upon first bite. Just slap the best organic 6 ounces piece of salt on a plate, top it off with the finest fats, drizzle more expensive fats, fancy salts and a hint of exotic sugar, then price it high and voila; a gourmet meal.

God forbid we eat at McDonald’s though.

Can you hear it? Can you hear Chefs from miles away screaming bloody murder? “Who the f&#k does this beergonaut guy think he? How can he hint our food is worst than McDonald’s?” Look, if that’s what you’re getting out of this message, than I can’t help you. I’m not saying being a chef is easy work nor am I saying every Chef is irresponsible when it comes to nutrition only, the startling trend in gourmet food continues to challenge today’s nutrition-oriented trends and it makes me wonder if the title of Chef shouldn’t be redefined. Should it be redefined to considers healthy nutrition 100% of the time? Better yet, I would pay to see a chef serve me a salad that blows my mind in the same way an expensive aged steaks does.

Back to bacon. Stop it folks. Really, stop it. It’s ridiculous how much of a hurry we are to kill trends. It’s almost as if we need to saturate bacon everywhere so that we can throw it up and never speak of the arranged marriages we’ve set up for bacon. There is so much bacon everywhere that I am beginning to think vegetarians conspired to put together a “make-them-sick-of-bacon campaign” in order to save a few pigs.

Do you know why bacon is such a big deal? Because it combines the salt and fats I am speaking of. Plus, I think it’s ridiculous that no one seems to understand that bacon is given merit for the wrong thing. It’s the salt and fats we crave, not the meat so much. I hope one day, the few Chefs who continue to put up a battle with nutrition will subscribe to a healthier practice, until then they’ve got a few more of arteries to clog up.

Unfortunately, one of my top five favorite breweries also got on the bacon band wagon a couple of years ago and out was Rogue’s VOODOO DOUGHNUT MAPLE BACON BEER. Ouch! Now in their defense, it was a doughnut shop that came up with this mix and the beer was brewed long before the bacon hype. I too, took part of the bacon wave. I used it in my bacon bourbon butterscotch cheesecake which still brings a smile on people’s cheesecake smeared lips.

So, like many beer aficionados who also appreciate of bacon, I tried this beer and my high expectations were high.

Maple Bacon is the result of collaboration between Rogue and Voodoo Doughnut, a doughnut shop in Oregon that is known for its flavors and wild factor. You should visit it.

LOOK:   First off, thumbs up on the bottling. The bottle is Voodoo doughnut’s sexy Pepto Bismol pink with their “Live and let die” character looking into our soul. The pour is sexy. Maple Bacon was a dark orange with close to an inch of head that dissipated quite quickly

SMELL:  The Smoked Malt and smoked Bacon shun. The smell of maple also came through really well.

TASTE:  This is where the beer disappointed me. The smoky bacon and malts were good at the first few sips but quickly died out leaving behind a wet fire camp taste and uncooked bacon fat –not the finer part of the bacon flavor. The maple flavoring also came out but bacon and smoke being strong flavors ended up shadowing the maple. Quite frankly, the 750ml format is good to share with friends –as it should be- but if you plan on drinking this sucker alone, brace yourself.

FINISH: The maple came out a little more towards the end along with some malts and bread.

FEEL: Medium.

CONTEXT: What would be the context of this beer besides the smoked beer, weird? Hmm, I usually like weird, but I seem to have gotten older somewhere between the time I bought the beer and the last sip.

REPEAT: Not really.

Pairing: Anything grilled or smoked. Desserts and blue cheese also.

Score: 63%

Price: 9.65$.

Availability: I believe it is all year round.

Beer type: Smoked beer

Alcohol/Vol.: 5.6%

Brewery: Rogue

Country / Region: Oregon, USA

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