No reviews this week-end. Instead, 4 Innis and Gunn reviews are updated… Worth checking out.

Given that I am such a fan of Innis and Gunn products, I was eager to write reviews on these fine beers when I first started this blog. So eager in fact, that the blog wasn’t much of a blog and lacked much structure.

Now that many efforts are invested in taking this blog in magazine form, Beergonaut must go through changes, good changes. I will not make this blog into a commercialized macro brewery destination for jug heads, only I can’t keep the older reviews the way they were and I may need to clean up some of the later posts as well. That being said, in honor of one of my favorite brewery, I begin this spring cleaning operation with the following 4 Innis and Gunn reviews. I think you’ll get much more out of these reviews and if you’re curious about this family of great beers, this will help you navigate your way around their family tree. Try them, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you!

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