Man auto-brews his own beer in his belly!

I’m back with a short story worthy of the National Enquirer yet as real as it gets!

Imagine this, a 61 year old Texan man checks himself in the E.R. with complaints of feeling “drunk”. When asked, he insists that he hasn’t had a drink. Skeptic, the doctors run a test and sure enough his alcohol level is 5 times over the limit…

After running gastroenterology tests, it showed that his stomach “brews beer”, he has a high sugar level and presence of brewer’s yeast to thank for that…It’s called gut fermentation syndrome.

I don’t know if brewing your own beer is a benefit or not… I mean, you don’t get  to drink it and I can’t imagine wanting to taste it, right?

“Get your warm Stomach beer right here!”

Here is the article:

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