A special post for our agency… Lunch recommendations in Mississauga Ontario….

Our agency, container 36, has given the Beergonaut a mission; find the best lunch places in Mississauga for hard working folks! We deliver. In fact, every Friday for the next couple of months, you’ll see such posts appear. Although they answer to our agency’s kind request, they are definitely practical for anyone living in the GTA (grand Toronto area). So here goes…

If you’re like me, you’ve finished supper at 8:00, finished the dishes at 9:00 then spent the rest of the evening relaxing with your spouse. This, of course, is assuming the kids are all done with homework and aren’t asking you to wash their outfit for tomorrow’s gym class because they spilled something all over it but didn’t think you should know until now.

So, by then, you’d rather keep your leftovers for tomorrow night’s supper or the kid’s lunches and keep whatever energy you have left and eat out for lunch tomorrow. With the help of the Beergonaut, we have come up with the best places to grab a quick lunch in Mississauga… Hang in there Toronto and Markham, you’re next.

Our criteria is based on speed, price, originality and last but definitely not least, taste and quality.

Pita & Grill
Just when you thought we needed another Shawarma place like we need another Tim’s, guess again, Pita & Grill does it better than most, has great seating capacity and a great selection of side dishes. Try to show up a little before noon, the line up gets a little long, which is also a great indicator of the food.
1275 Eglinton Ave E #62b,
(905) 602-5252

Burritos Boyz
Look, another burritos place, I get it, but this is the goods. These guys do it right. Their halibut burritos is really good. They’re consistent and offer a wide variety of gluten free options. A little pricier than other burrito bars, but well worth it.
9 Stavebank Rd
tel:(905) 891-2699

Queen’s Fish & Chips
Fish and Chip is one of those meals we sometimes forget to go out and get. This is a place you need to remember. If you’re not feeling burger, burrito, sushi and thai then get in your car and drive to Queen’s. You won’t be disappointed.
131 Queen St
(905) 826-4222

Dixie Park Centre
Another fine choice is to walk into the Dixie Park Centre. It’s not one specific restaurant per say, it’s an entire food court of Korean and other asian deliciousness. Bibimbop, bbq, sushi you name it, there’s over a half dozen restaurant lined up and ready to feed you. It’s a little, a little uncomfortable and a little chaotic but well worth the taste and reasonable price.
1550 South Gateway Rd.
Major Intersection : Dixie Road & East-gate Road

Helmand Kabob
If you’re looking for something quite different then Helmand is a fine adventure. They serve up Afghan food but also have a descent selection of Pizzas. Service is a little slow so don’t go if you’re in a rush. It’s a good find if you have a full hour for lunch.
80 Courtneypark Dr.
Mississauga, ON
Tel: 905-565-6262

On a bun
Hands down, undeniably and unquestionably the best sandwich joint in Mississauga, maybe even the GTA. Order either one of the veal or eggplant parmesan or the chicken sandwich. Enjoy!
3663 Mavis Rd #1d,
Mississauga, ON
(905) 272-5678

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