Quick lunch options in Toronto…

As a follow up to last week’s Mississauga lunch suggestions… here is our Toronto selection. Enjoy!


56 Bathurst Street, Toronto (Niagara), (416) 243-3327


A great place just a little bit West of downtown is the Works, where you can get a wide variety of grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas or Mac n Cheese. They also have great gluten free options and offer a pretty sexy beer selection if you’re up to it for an extended Friday lunch. The food is top notch quality and the service is spot on.

Burger Priest

463 Queen Street West, Toronto, (647) 748-8108

3397 Yonge Street, Toronto

1636 Queen St East, Toronto, (Beaches) (647) 346-0617

Yes, I know, another burger joint, but it’s an undeniable burger joint worthy of praise and respect. Just a little North on Yonge Street, Queen West or East on Queen in the Beaches, this is what most Toronto magazines and papers consider the best hamburger joint in the city. The chuck is grinded daily, their chili fries are out of this world and their burgers, with non-apologetic American cheese, will leave you wanting a seconds.

The Mystic Muffin

113 Jarvis Street, Toronto, (Downtown), (416) 941-1474


One place which has proven to be a success with many lunch-goers is Mystic Muffin. They serve up Middle-Eastern food and Apple pie. How the two are connected doesn’t matter, just go and enjoy an outstanding Falafel, apple cake or just a straight up sandwich. It’s fairly priced and has a very pleasant vibe.

Schnitzel Queen

237 Queen Street East, Toronto, (Corktown), (416) 363-9176

Stop. Put down the iphone, pay attention. Today, you’re eating German. Schnitzel. This is it, this is the Queen of schnitzel. Be prepared to wait a tiny bit more than you would elsewhere, but don’t worry, you’ll be back to work on time. The place is small, very small. There’s only a half a dozen seats so don’t go there expecting to sit with colleagues and discuss a marketing plan. Order, walk away, enjoy, feel the bliss then be prepared to plan your next visit. Do yourself a favor, leave the office a little earlier so that you’re there at noon so to wait less and not miss out on some of their goodies, like the potato salad.

Black Camel

4 Crescent Road, Toronto, (Rosedale), (416) 929-7518


Much like Schnitzel Queen, Black Camel is more of a take out. Carnivores rejoice… this is it. Briskets, Puller Pork, Shaved steak, Pulled Chicken or Salmon, whatever your protein, you will not be disappointed. Portuguese buns, pesto or chipotle mayo, BBQ sauces and caramelized onions are also a huge contributing factor to the deliciousness of their food. Look, just go there, you’ll thank me later.

Wow Sushi

11 Charles Street West, Toronto, (Downtown), (416) 923-1888


Look, I won’t get in to all the different sushi that makes the experience outstanding. It also goes without saying that you’ll get your miso soup, green tea and all the small things that make the sushi experience a success. It’s the rice, the fish the care that makes this place one of the top 10 sushi place in Toronto either for lunch, business lunch or dinner. Enough said –it’s simply the best.

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