I’m Leaving Las Vegas… well maybe ;(


Yes, I may be leaving Las Vegas… gluten style!

You may have noticed, since I’m back, that my posts have been on restaurants and belly beer. “Where are the beer reviews?” You may wonder… Well here’s the thing, do you care all that much? I don’t mean to sound like a schmuck, but seriously? When I look at the number of hits beer reviews get, I have to tell you that gluten free beers and Polish beers, for some reason, are the reviews with the greatest number of hits… Everything else gets an occasional glance. Why Polish beer by the way, the Devil knows, God has an idea and I’m in the dark on this one.

In an effort to help out our agency; Container 36, The Beergonaut was mandated to recommend great lunch joints in and around the city for folks on a tight schedule so there hasn’t been much time for beer reviews yet trust me, I’ve had a few gems since.

That being said, because I don’t care so much about viewership, I will continue to review outstanding beers. Beers like; Oast’s Country Ale, Le trou du Diable’s Le Sang d’Encre and Sawdust’s Lone Pine IPA, had me drooling like a dog. After which, God willing, I’m hoping I can keep sharing my love for craft breweries but during my summer break, something in my diet may need a change.

While I was away, I experimented with a gluten-free diet. My wife has celiac disease and I figured between my ADD, my bloated stomach, a few extra pounds, dome joint pain and quite frankly a gluten and non-gluten kitchen to manage… why not give it a try. Well, within 2 weeks, my stomach was considerably smaller, as in less bloated -I suspect inflammation. Second, there was a significant weight loss, but I know better not to jump the gun on this one, the gluten diet is not a weight loss diet, it’s a health compromise. In my humble opinion, the weight loss is simply attributed to the inaccessibility of wheat that one encounters when following a gluten free diet. No more Tim Hortons, no more pastas abundances, no more sandwiches left and right and last but not least yet definitely most painful, I drank no gluten beers. That’s why I lost my weight.

So the whole leaving Las Vegas thing is the fact that my observation correlate with gluten intolerance the next step is confirmation. Am I celiac –my sister is, maybe it’s in the family? The answer; a test. There are 2 ways to get tested; the first is the invasive way which means a biopsy of the intestine, no thanks. The second is a blood test –a newer method, apparently. Either way, testing requires that one consumes gluten for 30 days and this, my friends, is what I’ve been doing. I’m back on gluten for 30 days and let me tell you that I’m pigging out on wheat, right out of the jar. I’ve been enjoying some delicious craft beers and savoring my disgusting Breakfast sandwiched from Mc Ds and Tims. Heck, I figured if my gluten diet’s going to go down, then I’m flour bombing myself away! The Beergonaut has become a Flourikaze! I’m going to gluten myself to death like Cage did with alcohol only it’ll be gluten and without Cage’s stupid dopy voice.

So this is where it leaves me with today’s post, I’m enjoying gluten only to find out that maybe, possibly after a celiac test, I’ll have to say goodbye to great beers and try to find pleasure in gluten free ones. I’ll lose my belly and concentrate better perhaps, but I’ll be a sad son-of-a-gun. (without compromising the test results, of course)

It’s okay, I’ll make the best of it, I’ll team up with knowledgeable beer aficionados around and have them guest review some beers that I’ll suggest and as for me, well, I’ll take on my foodie tendencies and increase my restaurant reviews which I equally love doing. Not too mention that it’ll probably indirectly help my beer review hits. I know I said I don’t care much for viewership, but I still think it’s information worthy of sharing.

Until then, cheers and tune in soon as I’ll reviews the beers I mentioned above. Ciao.

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