Last of the lunch trilogy… Markham lunch desitination for folks on the go!

Little Bangkok 227 Main Street Markham North, Markham, (905) 471-8818 A little bit further East of Highway 7 is a small sit down restaurant that serves up excellent Thai food for lunch. You can also go for dinner. Although the interior comes off a little formal, its lunch experience is casual and affordable. Aromatic dishes, perfectly fried fish and Thai that meets your expectations are just a few of the compliments I share with you…

Tangerine Asian Cuisine 7690 Markham Road, Unit 4C, Markham, (905) 472-2100 Well, there’s no shortage of Asian cuisine in Markham for obvious reasons, but when all is said and done, like everything else in abundance, a few stand out while the rest are average or simply unworthy of mention. Tangerine Asian is worthy of cuisine. Great chili dishes (fish or chicken) along with great noodles. You can’t go wrong, especially if you like a spicy kick. The dishes are flavorful, well priced and in good portion size. Parking can be a little challenging so show up a little earlier. Many claim this place as the best hakka restaurant in Markham and I agree.

Hana-Bi Sushi 3255 Hwy 7 E Unit 18 Markham, ON L3R 3P9 (905) 948-9666 When you’re done with noodles and Thai, yet still have a flair for Asian, usually sushi is a great go-to. Hana-Bi serves up a fantastically well priced lunch special that includes green tea, miso soup, a salad, and a bento box counting more than 19 items from tempura to Sashimi, Calis and Sushi AND possibly get a little freebie on the side… Plus, it’s a great tasting meal… enough said.

Old Country Inn 198 Main Street, Unionville, (905) 477-2715 Every once in a while, you have to step out of your comfort zone and try a little Hungarian… You wouldn’t expect it from looking at the old brick house that it holds the secret to some of the best schnitzel you’ll ever have, in Markham anyways. This is not the place to find a trendy decors and hipsters lounging around to Arcade Fire, the décor is little older is so is the clientele –no offense meant, I one of them, instead you’ll find an extensive lunch menu that will be hard to narrow down a selection. Appetizers are all incredible, like the mushroom soup, potato salad and pickled beets. The Goulash, Jager Schnitzel and Sauerbraten are all incredible. Finish it off with the Apple strudel and I wish you good luck keeping up with your afternoon. You’ll need a little nap.  

Michael Angelo’s Market Place 8555 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, (905) 307.8555 Another fine lunch option is the Michael Angelo’s Market Place, make your way to the far end of the store to the daily lunch area and you’ll be blessed with an incredible amount of Italian sandwiches with some of the most incredible toppings such as roasted peppers, eggplant, cheeses… name it. The place is just incredibly overwhelming in choices and mouthwatering treats. The salad bar is a delicious healthy alternative and the bakery section offers tasty little desserts along with a fine variety of drinks including juices that you wouldn’t necessarily try if you shopped elsewhere. The seating area crowds up pretty fast but also turns around quickly, you may be left standing a few minutes until a table clears but it’s well worth the try.

Liberty burgers & Wings 144 Main Street North Markham, 905.554.5599 Look, I’m not going to lie to you, unless you’re okay with Burger King, Mc D’s or Tim Horton, the option are very Asian in Markham, and that’s a good thing, I mean, you’re in the neighborhood for it. If however, you do want something non-Asian but also non franchise, fast food or fine dining, a burger is still a great guilty pleasure that never disappoints. Liberty B & W does it well, so give these guys a try, they won’t let you down. Poutine, Cheeseburgers with onion rings, wings and salads make up the delicious menu that makes Liberty B&W worthy of an occasional visit. I say occasional because it is a little pricier than other burger joints but overall, well worth the visit. Oh, by the way, the burger menu counts over 12 different options including condiments like Portobello, blue cheese, guacamole, Tzatziki… and many more.

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