666 Great Lakes Brewery’s Devil’s Pale Ale review


“Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short… Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast for it is a human number, it’s number Six hundred and sixty-six”

That’s the shit right there. Paul Di’Anno was out and Bruce Dickinson was in. That’s how Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beat album kicked off. Dickinson would soon become one of heavy metal’s best vocalist and Iron Maiden was propelled to the top of the charts with what many consider this album to be the best metal album of all times.

I don’t know if Great Lakes Brewery’s Devil’s Pale Ale (666) is often referenced to Maiden and if so, if they are tired of the references but for me, this beer and the Number of the Beast album are two heavy weight champions in their respective categories and my apologies to GLB if the whole Maiden thing is getting old, but sincerely with a name like this, you had to expect it… The most important thing here, this beer is not a gimmick. This beer is by no doubt, one of the best Canadian pale ales money can buy.

GLB’s initially released this beer as a seasonal but thanks to its high demand, it wasn’t long until they decided to make it available all year round. Very few beers are repeaters especially in pale ales. That’s one of them for me. Brewed using 6 malts and 4 different types of hops, this beer knocks it out of the park. There are many references to the number 6 on the side of the can but I won’t get into it… -no spoilers, get it and check it out.

Look: 666, poured dark amber with a generous amount of devilish head. You can’t see through the beer, but not quite like a porter.

Smell: Malts, hops and caramelized flavors give you a nose full and some hints of peppery nuts.

Taste: The one thing I appreciate about this beer is its malty taste and hoppy flavors. It’s almost like an IPA but with a healthy caramel. The flavor of pine mixed with floral make this beer wonderful and one of my favorites. It tastes a little like a you’re standing in a flower garden lined with firs on a soft rainy evening… 😉

Finish: It has a medium body, great mouth-feel and is creamy throughout.

Context: GLB considers this beer English pale ale, by definition English pale ales should be brewed with hard water, from England and with English ingredients… That being said, it is certainly a great beer with a great taste.

Repeater: Always. When I’m looking for some good pale ale, that’s where I go.

Pairing: Grill meat, pork, stews, Iron Maiden 😛

Score: 84

Price: $2.60

Availability: All year

Beer type: English pale ale

Alcohol/Vol.: 6.6%

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewery

Country / Region: Ontario, Canada

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