Chouape Noire a l’Avoine


Every once in a while a beer gets your attention… I’m a big fan of St-Ambroise’s Oatmeal Stout and quite frankly didn’t think any other beer would come close. Well, I’ve built up a lot of hype to tell you that this one hasn’t done it either, but it’s a hell of a close second.

Look: Chouape Noire a l’avoine poured a beautiful darkness with a moderate IBM computer Beige head. Don’t let it fool you, I’m teasing. Although the head was not very rich in volume or color, you are about to read an excellent review.

Smell: If you work in an office equipped with the Keurig coffee machine that feature a large array of coffee flavors, then you might have seen the “Chocolate German Cake” coffee flavour. This is what this beer smells like, added a thin layer of currents.

Taste: The only thing untrue to the nose is the “German” part otherwise it’s everything I appreciate in a beer that follows up its nose in taste. A very rich taste of black coffee and cacao are upfront and complemented by malt. It is not as fruity (and wasn’t meant to be) yet hints of sour fruits come through as you drink it. It gets a little sweeter as you go on.

Finish: Sweet coffee finish. It’s a very refreshing stout that is slightly more carbonated than most.

Context: You had me at the nose, I mean, German chocolate cake with an espresso on the side, enough said.

Repeater: You know, if St-Ambroise’s Oatmeal Stout and this beer were on the same menu… I’d actually pick this one every now and then to switch things up…

Pairing: Desserts, cheeses.

Score: 87%

Price: 4.99$

Availability: Winter

Beer type: Stout

Alcohol/Vol.: 5.4%

Brewery: La Chouape

Country / Region: Lac-St-Jean, Quebec

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