Mill St. Tank House…



Lately, my wife and I have been enjoying a pub called Mullins, on Kingston Road in the Upper Beaches part of Toronto. Too many pubs in the city limit themselves to carrying the major beer brands like Coors, Bud orHeiney, so when I find a good old fashion pub that cares about carrying a little something more artisanal then say, Moosehead or Sleeman, they get my repeat business. This week, my beer of choice deserves this review because Mill Street’s Tank House is a beer that quite frankly, outdoes all that other macro brewery stuff on tap.

Look:  Tank House is a beautiful red head that is clear and topped with a healthy generous amount of creamy head that leaves behind lacing…

Smell: This beer releases such a great aroma of hops, caramel and leaves.

Taste: This is what keeps me coming back, the artisanal taste that you just can’t get from a macro-brewery anymore. The hops, the malty, grainy, bready and citrusy flavors, along with the sweetness of the caramel maintain throughout and keep giving. There is nothing wrong with this beer. It takes you to the limits of an iPA with its beautiful hoppy aroma and taste yet maintains its APA integrity. Well done. I can drink a few of these without a problem.

Finish: As the beer warms up, the aromas and flavor maintain well, a medium mouth feel leaves you quenched yet wanting more. Great session for an APA

Context: Right on.

Repeater: It’s been my go-to lately and it is well justified.

Pairing: Mexican, Thai, spicy foods

Score: 86%

Price: 5$

Availability: all year round

Beer type: APA

Alcohol/Vol.: 5.2%

Brewery: Mill Street Brewery

Country / Region: Ontario, Canada

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