Beergonaut visits The Beer Academy…


When I realized my passport had expired, I ventured out in the mad world of downtown Toronto where parking my ship is a challenge few could endure. Covered in simple denim, a stupid hipster Coca Cola shirt and a wool rag to cover my shoulder I never expected to see what would come next; the Beer Academy. Phone booths are getting rare and finding one for me to step in and walk out a Beergonaut was a tedious task, but I made it. I was now ready to explore the Beer Academy.


The Beer Academy is actually the storefront name of a company called Six Pints Specialty Beer Company, owned in partnership by Granville Island Brewing and Creemore Springs Brewery, both breweries owned by Molson; a Russian doll corporate structure.

So what’s it all about? Well, an admirable pub dedicated to the world and history of beer. With walls covered in beer quotes, history and facts, and showcases filled with vintage beer bottles, caps and equipment, the Beer Academy serves more than history and knowledge, it serves a wide collection of brewed-on-site beers as well as an array of Creemore and Granville products.


Nothing personal to the Granville and Creemore products, but I wasn’t there to try beers I can get at the LCBO so I concentrated on the Six Pint collection. I kicked off my quenching curiosity with a flight of three beers, my choice; Weizenbock, Kolsh and Black Lager, all delicious, all will be reviewed at a later time and all are available at retail on site. I concluded my visit with an outstanding IPA, but I must admit having to rush out for a date with… Ginette Reno singing the National anthem and last but certainly not least, the entire Canadians team.

We lost to the Bruins in overtime. Dammit.

In conclusion, if you’re a beer geek, than conversation, merchandise, eye candy and a reward for your taste buds awaits you at the Beer Academy. I didn’t bother looking at the menu so I can’t comment on it but from what I’m told, the selection is limited to cheese platters and charcuterie so if your idea is to eat a great meal paired with great beer, you may be disappointed. Quite frankly, the BA should consider extending a beer centric menu, sort of like The Bier Market, only with their home brews.


Quickly, without an official review yet –spoiler alert- I recommend their Blonde Kolsh, IPA and Black Lager.

Class dismissed.

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