India Pale Lager added to the lexicon…

If you’ve read my Hops & Bolts review, you’ll know that I was somewhat new to the IPL style and since I couldn’t go without knowing more about this beer style, I had to research it. 

That being said, my readings were quite contradictory and difficult to make sense of. When you google India Pale Lager, not much shows up. No beer site gave a clear description of the beer style and perhaps it’s safe to say that no one dared to venture to far in an attempt to do so. Well, someone had to try and make sense of it all and so, Beergonaut to the rescue. Is my description/definition an accurate one, well let’s just say that it summarizes many uncertainties and gray area into one big mess of what I consider to be the best description one can come up with at this time. 

Click on Lexicon > Lagers

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