Gluten-free IPA…



A couple of weeks ago I walked into a small market in Montreal and came out with 3 Glutenbergs; Saison, the IPA and their Sotolon. Yesterday I reviewed their Saison, today the IPA. The Sotolon will follow shortly.

If you are wondering if the Beergonaut is celiac, I understand. For it is true that despite my passion for beer, the ratio of gluten free beers on my blog is rather high. Well, the answer is, I’m not part of the celiac family but they love me like a son. My wife is the celiac one, and ever since she introduced me to this condition, I, who likes a good challenge, had to find drinkable beers for her to enjoy and so began my search. What can I say; it’s the hopeless romantic in me that tries to please her… I would unhook the gluten free moon from the sky for her, if I could.

Aside from that, I am not one who sees the beer glass half empty but every once in a while the dark voice in my head takes me to negativity land and instead of simply appreciating the beer in this review, I instead, found something to bitch about. Drama. When I heard that Glutenberg had a gluten-free IPA, I couldn’t wait to try it and sure enough when I found it in a local Montreal market, I bought two: One for my wife and one for my review.  The bitterness has nothing to do with the beer, believe me, but rather with the gluten-free beer industry. Why is it that only Glutenberg gives a damn about gluten-free beer? More power to them, I guess. But seriously, hey… La Messagere, New Grist, Red Bridge, get on page man! Thank God for Glutenberg yet it’s a sad statement on this trade when only one brewery dares to mix it up the way Glutenberg does.

Look:  The IPA poured a beautiful straw yellow and moderate head; a beautiful beer and promised to be great.

Smell:  Much like a regular IPA, notes of citrus, hops and spice came together really well.

Taste: As always, knocked this one out of the gluten-free park. The IPA delivers on the India Pale Ale requisite that is taste. It is hoppy, citrusy with pine notes and if you’ve ever noticed the smell of first raindrops on a hot sidewalk in mid July then you know where I’m coming from, just the right amount of mineral, bitterness and earth tones.

Finish: Medium body and finishes rather sweetly.

Context: Some will say England didn’t export gluten-free beers to India way back when well guess what, neither did Quebec, the USA or the rest of Europe. All IPAs are misnamed, so to speak. Anyhow, this IS an IPA… Well done!

Repeater: Yes, even if not celiac.

PairingBurgers, grilled meat, great tomato pasta and summer salads and bbq.

Score: 85%

Price: N/A

AvailabilityAll year round, thank you!

Beer type: Gluten Free IPA

Alcohol/Vol.: 6%

Brewery: Les Brasseurs Sans Gluten (BSG / Glutenberg)

Country / Region: Montreal, QC 

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