All a board… Railway City Brewing Cie’s Canada Southern Draft review


My recent travels to Windsor took me to the Chrysler Canada head office and in many ways this was like visiting a temple for me. My appreciation for muscle cars began at a very young age. I credit this appreciation to a tube of glue, a box of injection moulded car parts from Revell and a half a dozen Road and Track magazine that my dad had in his filing cabinets. Now I’m not going to lie to you, there were 2 or 3 other magazines in that cabinet that also got my attention, you know the one, where the editor takes great care in hiding a small bunny somewhere on the cover.

That being said, my presentation ended at 11:30 and by noon I was already heading back home on a hungry stomach, solution; find a microbrewery and kill two birds with one stone. The plan was that I’d eat a meal and visit a brewery. That’s when I punched Railway City Brewery on my iPhone and headed towards the town of St-Thomas, home to Railway City. I knew ahead of time that RWC didn’t serve food but my interest and curiosity outweighed my hungry stomach. I figured, once I’m at the brewery I’ll get a recommendation for a local restaurant, sure enough I ended up at Bella Jack’s, a cozy Tex-Mex restaurant with none other than Dead Elephant on tap. I’ve bought their Dead Elephant IPA a handful of times and I promised you a review several weeks ago and it’s coming (just waiting on a photo retake) but this time while at the brewery, I walked out with a couple of Iron Spikes, Honey Elixir and their Canada Southern Draft, my choice of beer review today.

Railway City Brewing Company opened in 2006. The town of St-Thomas was nicknamed Railway City because of the major role it played in the railway industry in Canada. At one point, St-Thomas was the railway capital of Canada and so, naming the brewery after the railway industry sounded appropriate. Railway City Brewing Cie brews about 6 regular beers and features approximately 10 seasonal or limited editions. All their beers are crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients and no artificial adjuncts or preservatives. At the time of my visit, some major work was being done so to accommodate new equipment, production area and a store front. A place for their very own hops garden is also in the works on the outside of the building.

Thanks Meghan for the tastings and the chat!

photo 5

Look:  CSD is by no doubt a beer that lives up to its name from the get go. It pours a nice golden yellow with the right amount of head, lasting several minutes before lacing away on the side of the glass. It looks refreshing and with a cold buck or glass in the freezer, you really don’t need a lesser quality Euro Pale Lager like Artois or Grolsch.

Smell:  Malts and grain, like bread. There’s a hint of grass smell that adds to the aroma and promises a distinctive taste to come.

Taste: Much like the nose CSD tastes like a floral savoury cupcake. Well done, well executed. The carbonation keeps giving and unlike some lagers, I never got that metallic boiled vegetables taste.

Finish / Feel: The finish is smooth and well balanced between floral and some sweetness and very little aftertaste. Medium mouth feel with good carbonation throughout.

Context: Hockey game on, pick-nick, BBQ, hot summer day… This beer delivers the refreshment and quenching. It’s a great alternative to macro brewery (American or Euro) pale lagers.

Repeater: I’m not much of a lager fan so I’m a little bias here. Yeah, I think I would given proper circumstance.

PairingBBQ, hot summer salads, fish

Score: 80%


Availability: Seasonal

Beer typeAmerican Pale Lager

Alcohol/Vol.: 4.3%

Brewery: Railway City Brewing Company

Country / Region: St-Thomas Ontario


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