8 beers you shouldn’t be drinking… well, let me revisit this article!

Several days ago I posted an article from a web site called “Unbelievable Facts.com” stating that certain beers shouldn’t be consumed. First off, shame on me. This is a beer blog from a beer advocate. Obviously I prefer craft and micro breweries over macros, we all do, but I am first and foremost a beer advocate who preaches the importance of context and given the right context, any beer can taste great. I mean, let’s face it… a Budweiser by the track at a Nascar race on a hot sunny day, I’d say that in the moment, it’s a great beer.

But the point I am making today is more important than that. What I should have done is explain or at the very least share my opinion on all these articles. The information we read on a day to day basis is out of control. One article praises the merits of Kale and moments later someone tells you to watch out for it. Readers, please read with caution. I try and be as neutral as possible when posting articles and reviews but sometimes I let my personal beliefs get the best of me as any writer might. I walked out of the movie Fed Up, a great movie about the overuse of sugar in just about everything we eat and wondered how it affected the beer industry. Days later, this article came out and I tweeted it. By the way, so you know, no one has told me to rectify my post, or retract it, this is my decision to do so for the sake of beer advocacy. As I said, I lean towards craft and micro-breweries but my preferences should never be at the expense of the greater picture; that is beer.

That being said, just as I am an advocate of beer, there are many other types of advocates out there; sugar, no added sugar, sugar-free, pro-sweeteners, anti-sweeteners, kale, anti-kale, produce, anti-produce, pro-vegan, pro-meat… name it. People’s beliefs are okay, but where I warn you is trade believers, they are the lawyers who team up with researchers and scientists to look for loop holes in the studies published and try to find ways to either discredit or overshadow the findings. Every time someone knocks something, the industry responds. If you look hard enough you can find disadvantages to kale and if you look hard enough you’ll find advantages to drinking 2L of Coca Cola per day somewhere on the web. The wheel keeps turning and the madness goes on.

After discussing the article with fellow brewers and even the people of Fed Up, I walked away quite confused. Yes, sugar is transformed into alcohol, I knew that from the get go… and the effects of alcohol on our liver are also detrimental to our health and can cause severe issues -nothing new there. Bottom line is, listen to your body, listen to everyone than pick a position, if “one truth” is all the way to the left while the “other truth” is all the way to the right, the real truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Like all good things in life, moderation is key.


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