Beergonaut’s home brewing adventure…

Picture 11

I’ve spent the last several weeks elaborating great beer recipes… With a little help from Fermentations and other friends, I’m currently putting together 3 fantastic beers… (not for sale -no license to do so)

1. My first baby is Eat, Prey Love, is a brutal IPA using west coast hops, resulting in a tropical tasting IPA with pineapple and apricot flavours. I’ll review it and show you a picture in a couple of days…

2. Currently fermenting is Kama Sutra, a sexy IPA that is brewed with the aphrodisiacal ingredients; ginger, honey and rosemary. It’s more of a spice beer built on an IPA base… Mmmm

3. In the “lab” is Takes a real man… (to drink this beer), a strong beer that is still in process.

Attached is the artwork brainstorm for all three beers… In the works are 3 more recipes that I’ve been dreaming up in the last year. This is fun. 

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