The Dead Elephant is alive and well. An IPA review!


A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of stopping by the Railway City Brewery which I wrote about in the days that followed. I bought a wide selection of beers when I visited their location and sure enough, repeated on their Dead Elephant IPA. As I tend to do on some reviews, I double-check myself with comrades so to validate my opinion from time to time and two things struck me about Dead Elephant when I consulted other beer blogs, the first is how reviews range from okay to great and two, it never occurred to me that I had the bottle version last year. If you know Railway City’s beer line, by now you are probably aware that their bottles look nothing like their can so until they do, pay attention when buying it.

A little word on their label (both can and bottle)… Love ‘em both. The can is a cool looking red elephant trunk that just hangs across the front while the bottle has a vintage circus vibe which I predict will be the next home décor craze that Anthropology will soon be selling for thousands of dollars! Either way, good job on their branding and I don’t know if RWC intends on fading out one branding over the other but I’m kind of hoping they don’t, even if it’s counter-intuitive to proper marketing and somewhat confusing.

Anyhow, let’s get serious about beer!

Look:  Dead Elephant pours light color amber with limited head. I was a little disappointed in the head and by the 4th photo most had dissipated.

Smell:  It’s hoppy like an IPA all right, but with hints of citrus and some malt, nothing out of the ordinary.

Taste:  I must admit that I expected more of an IPA taste. In my opinion, this beer is more like an American-Pale-Ale but with slightly more hops. The caramel malt comes out as you drink and keeps giving. It has a beautiful finish, medium feel and the right amount of bitterness.

Context: As I stated above, I wish it tasted a bit more like its aroma, I though it was a weak IPA but eh… it’s a great beer that I enjoy from time to time. Some IPAs can sometimes be a little overbearing for more than one in a night but Dead Elephant is what I like to consider a session IPA.

Repeater: Sure! I know I’m a bit of a stick in the mud with my whole IPA argument but it does NOT make it a bad beer.

PairingMexican, Indian, flavorful goodness

Score: 81%



Beer typeIPA

Alcohol/Vol.: 6.8%

Brewery: Railway City Brewery

Country / Region: St-Thomas, Ontario, Canada

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