Container 36 beer!!! Eat Prey Love IPA (the problem with beer brands right now)


So my first brewing venture is completed. The result, a beautiful IPA with WestCoast hops that give this beer a nice citrus and caramel flavour. I’m not going to officially review it because for starters, it’s not for sale and second, I just wouldn’t review my own beer. Maybe I’ll let my friend take a shot at it.

What I can tell you is that I am very happy with the end result and would love nothing more than to see my beer on a shelf one day but for now, it’s for promotional use only. When clients come over for briefs, visit, meetings etc… this is the beer I serve them, a beer I am confident they’ll enjoy along with a slice of one of my many cheesecake recipes.

Although this beer is not for sale, I still wanted to brand it as if it would/could be sold in stores. Think of it as a case study. Plenty of thought was put in to the branding so that in the (unlikely yet) possibility that it does end up on shelves, it would stand a chance within the “noise” of so many beer bottles on the market.

The more things change, the more they stay the same and by that I mean, I love beer and its culture but how many more beer logos with hops, wheat, anvils, hammers, fishing gear, trains, barns and other man cave memorabilia are we suppose to contemplate when making a purchase. What’s worst is when none of the above clichés are used, many beer brands go to the complete other end of the spectrum, the place where hipsters live; the land of StarWars related names, psychedelic labels, cartoons, dogs. All that’s missing is a spam flavoured beer called Arcade Fire Ale. All have populated beer labels so much in the last couple of years, it’s almost as if too much isn’t enough. Quebec, for example, exploits an interesting array of themes, there are way too many craft breweries using gothic, religion or mid-evil imagery or names.

When all is said and done, it’s a lot of noise mounted on amber bottles. Beau’s Special collection released earlier this year is one of few packaging that stood out for me. Some breweries are now turning to a classic approach, like that of a wine bottle and I think I like it. Not sure yet. One thing is certain, I am one who believes a beer name and label should at least have some connection to its beer style, there is nothing IPA about an anvil, a monkey or a train, and far worst if none of these are relevant to the brewery’s name -at the very least.

So, with Eat, Prey, Love I decided to touch on the guru aspect of India, the namaste, the yogi. With that in mind, because I brewed a brutal IPA, I replaced the word pray for prey. The white bottle stands out from the crowd, the flat finish makes it seem cold, icy and refreshing and the label is minimal, as it should be. We are happy with our branding effort, but even happier about the content.

I’ll be looking at getting better carbonation on my next batch and would love to elaborate my next 2 projects, Takes a man… and Kuma Sutra IPA. Check in from time to time to read about it.

Ciao baby… Drop me a line if you want to try one (no charge), I’ll see what we can do 😉

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