Broken ipads and a Detour to the Apple Store… Muskoka Detour review

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Finally after several weeks of holding off, I made it to the Apple store to see if anything could be done with my ipad. Don’t ask me how it happened, but sometime in the early part of the summer, I took my ipad out of my backpack and the screen was broken. For a small sum of $249.00 Apple gave me a refurbished ipad in trade for my broken one, halleluiah! We got home that evening and the next morning, my wife’s ipad was knocked over by Pacò, our evil black cat. Irony at it’s best. So, after another trip to the Apple store and another $200, we ended up at Moxies at the Fairview Shopping Mall and had a well deserve drink. While my wife sipped on a Pinot Grigio, I ordered a Muskoka Detour.

Look Muskoka’s Detour is rich looking pale gold that screams refreshing. Not so much head but nice soapy lacing.

Smell, It has a light citrusy cake smell with floral water icing. Nothing too sweet, nothing too hoppy

Taste; My first sip was disappointing. This beer was introduced to me as a straightforward IPA. But as I sat confident in my beer diving accouterment, I dismissed that notion right away. Had I simply gone with the waitress’ sales pitch, this beer would have scored in the low 70s and that couldn’t be. Muskoka would never brew a shitty IPA. So, I did my research and sure enough all is good, the Gods are in their heavens and stars are aligned. Muskoka considers this beer to be a well calculated left turn from an IPA so to be a session beer and the result is perfect, even more as a summer quencher. Floral notes like jasmine and lavender overpower that of what you’d expect from pure hops and that’s fine. A sweet caramel comes through and the overall experience is a pleasant refreshing drink that proves to be a great hybrid between an APA and IPA. It’s great to see a beer flirting with the attributes of an IPA but with a session nature.

Finish: Smooth, light with a tiny hop bite

Context: feeling an IPA (but not sure you want to commit to a high hop level) on a hot summer day? Then open a Detour and start pouring away.

Repeater: Yeah, why not.

Pairing: Anything summer, salads with fruits, steaks, marinades, skewers…

Score: 83%

Price: $13.65 / 6x 330ml

Availability: All year

Beer type: APA

Alcohol/Vol.: 4.3%

Brewery: Muskoka

Country / Region: Ontario


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