Pit Caribou IPA review… Fantastic IPA


Just came home from a 10 hours drive from Gaspesie to Montreal. Saw lots of moose and deers, thank God the ones I saw were only on yellow road signs… ;P During my stay in Nouvelle, I visited Le Naufrageur, a micro-brewery well worth many reviews but tonight, before I send Le Naufrageur lots of love, I need to give a little (well, actually, a lot) of love to another Gaspesian beer I picked up from Le Pit Caribou, an American IPA. I haven’t tasted Le Naufrageur’s Ameridian IPA yet but I have to tell you that they have a lot to live up to.

The car was parked, the bags unloaded, pizza’s been ordered, chilling out time began… I popped open this delicious IPA, poured it, got blown away…


Look:  This American IPA has beautiful hazy amber hues and limited but forgivable head.

Smell:  This beer smells like you want to stop smelling it and drink it already. Clear enough for you? I mean, the malted caramel aroma is so inviting. The hops and citrus are delicious.

Taste: I love it when a beer lives up or surpasses its nose. This beautifully delicious, award worthy IPA is in my opinion one of the best in Canada, maybe not top 5 or but definitely top 10. The caramel and malt are perfect through-out and the American hops used deliver the flavor of a west coast type IPA where you can always expect a tropical pineapple taste.

Finish: Very little bitterness, just the right amount. A sweetness lingers on and coats your mouth like a nectar. I’m in love.

Context: I just drove 9.5 hours from Gaspé to Montreal and doubled checked myself to make sure I wasn’t just happy to sit back with a beer. This IPA deserves all the love I’m giving it, what a fantastic reward for such a drive. No matter what the circumstance is, if you’re feeling an IPA, you will not be disappointed. Sit back, pour, take a deep breath, enjoy.

Repeater: Hell yeah!

Pairing: Curies, pizza, spicy food

Score: 90%

Price: 6$

Availability: All year

Beer type: American IPA

Alcohol/Vol.: 7%

Brewery: Pit Caribou

Country / Region: Gaspesie, Quebec

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