AmerIndian Pale Ale anyone? Le Naufrageur’s IPA (Amerindian style)

Awaiting our very first video episode featuring my visit to the Le Naufrageur Brewery, I am delighted to write a review on their Amerindian IPA. First of all, hats off for the genre and play on word, Amerindian IPA is an IPA only the India part of the name lends itself to two definitions, the first, a hoppy pale ale brewed with a higher hops content so to withstand the travel that this beer would, in theory, be put through if it was in fact, exported to India via good old wooden ship. Second, with the addition of “amer” to indian, Le Naufrageur have given it a spin on American Indians (native) with the addition of Quebec hops and tea. Brilliant!

Great Lakes Brewery also has a green tea beer but I have to say that I like what these guys did… This beer was well crafted and well worth the review. I should have bought more than two… Dammit!photo (1)

LOOK: The look of this beer is rich and tasty, very promising. Dark amber with good head and lacing

SMELL: I can’t say I got much of the green tea in the nose and that’s a good thing. I didn’t want it to be too much of an accent. Otherwise, it’s your standard IPA, caramel malts, hops, citrus, some herbs.

TASTE: That’s where it’s at. This is where the magic happened for me. You get all the attributes of an IPA but with a different type of bitter, one that is slightly tarty, I’m guessing the tea’s tannin. It’s a great beer with a great taste at the core but with a light green tea finish giving it a nice balance between sweet and bitter.

FINISH: It’s hard not to mention the finish in the taste on this one since it’s such an important aspect of the beer. Great sweetness balanced out by tannins and healthy Quebec hops.

CONTEXT: I was looking for an interesting spin on an IPA and that’s exactly what this beer delivered.

REPEATER: Absolutely

Pairing: Stews, soft cheeses, Curies, pizza, spicy food

Score: 88%

Price: 5$

Availability: All year

Beer type: Ameridian IPA

Alcohol/Vol.: 7%

Brewery: Le Naufrageur

Country / Region: Gaspesie, Quebec



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