The battle: Beergonaut vs NYC cabs… (Goose Island IPA review)

photo 3 (3)I landed in NYC on a wet day. In fact, wet is an understatement, it was pouring, drenching (see the picture I took at a stop light). I drove cabbies crazy as they honked at my uncertainties and became furious at my hesitant navigating. Heck, even cop cars defended their beloved yellow road comrades by ordering me to get the F out of a lane or to step on it. Madness.

It was only when all my appointments were completed and all my work was done that the rain stopped and the sun came out. That;s when I decided to own the road, to take control and show NYC that this Torontonian was Montreal born and a Montreal born driver can very well make it in the city that never sleeps. So, I switched my driving mode from timid Torontonian to aggressive Montrealer, buckled up and with a grin on my face, uttered to myself; “Oh yeah?… take that Manhattan”. I conquered NYC and when I made it back to my in-laws that night, I thanked my wife’s mother for lending me her car and confessed that her Acura needed a little bit of Beergonaut love. Let’s just say her car took off her glasses and let her hair down that day.

The next day, my work took me right back downtown Manhattan where my battle with parking meters and yellow cabs continued. It was a successful day considering I only spent $11 in parking fees (which is a miracle for downtown Manhattan), had $0 traffic violation and got honked at only once by a cabby. In fact, I actually found myself honking at one of them myself and opened up the road for a few of them by manoeuvring through the molasses-like traffic like a champ.

NYC Cabbies: 1 – Beergonaut: 1. I’ll take a tie.

Deserving of a successful beer, I found a cute little Italian bistro just down Park Avenue, grabbed a seat on their patio and ordered myself a Goose Island IPA.

Goose island

photo 3 (2)

Look: Tried it on draught. The Goose has a beautiful gold color. It’s refreshing to see an IPA of lighter color. It has good-looking foamy thick head and yes, it’s as sexy as it sounds.

Smell: The smell is citrusy, malty and floral. Like most IPAs, maybe nothing so out of the ordinary but as far as the smell goes, just one sniff and you know you’re holding a quality IPA. That much I can say.

Taste: Hops hit from the get go with a peppery kick and a sweet finish. Good carbonation that tends to be slightly fizzier than most IPAs. This is a great beer with a fantastic taste. Well worth the try.

Finish: It has a light mouthfeel, good carbonation with refreshing.

Context: An IPA to an a day. Sure worked for me.

Repeater: Yes, always.

Pairing: The usual for the genre. Grilled meat, lamb, cheeses, curries, anything spicy

Score: 87%

Price: 5$ish

Availability: All year round 

Beer type: IPA

Alcohol/Vol.: 5.9%

Brewery: Goose Island Beer Company

Country / Region: NY, USA

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