Sotolon Gluten free beer review

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If you’ve read my reviews on Glutenberg’s IPA and Belgian Saison, you’ll know that I was quite impressed with their products. It’s almost embarrassing but this review is even better. I feel like I’m sucking up to these guys. Note to BSG: Please brew an awful beer next so that I can seem impartial. Just kidding, of course.

First and foremost, this Imperial Sotolon was brewed in partnership with François Chartier, a culinary and wine specialist. This concoction is none other than the product of a molecular-sommelier experiment. Sexy. A science invested in pairing this beer along with some of the newer method of beer brewing such as aging it in rum barrels and using fenugreek as an ingredient, are what makes this beer very clever. So gluten intolerant or not, seek this beer, dismiss your prejudice and give it a try.

Look, truth is, Glutenberg has done it again. This Sotolon is my wife’s favorite beer from them. Unlike me, she didn’t care as much for their Belgian Saison, but that’s because she never cared for Saisons even when she wasn’t drinking gluten-free beers.

Look:  I expected it to be black. Instead, it poured a beautiful copper color with amber hues, had little head but left behind some lacing.

Smell:  Perfumed with a delicate maple flavoring, rum, molasses and some celery salty notes. It’s scent leaves you wanting to suck on a stick of maple toffee between sip.

Taste: Well, no need for maple toffee, Soloton to the rescue. Maple, molasses and a beautiful blend of celery salt, fennel, fenugreek and anise wrap this beer in a blanket and keep all the flavours together. Added to the mix are hints of smoky wood, rum and coffee. This is truly something different, special. Well done. Last but not least, if as a newly diagnosed celiac you miss a Dobbelbock, then try this.

Finish: Medium mouth-feel with a sweet finish and a tiny alcohol kick near the end.

Context: N/A

Repeater: Already have twice since I wrote this review.

Pairing: Sticky stuff… ribs, pulled pork. Roasted chicken and salmon or sea bass are also good choice. Topped it off with some cheeses, sausages, charcuterie… Ends well with pastries, heck, I’d even throw a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass, curious. Just so you know, I baked a Quebec Pudding Chomeur where half of my caramel was water, the other half Sotolon, delicious. Maybe I’ll post the recipe some day.

Score: 88%

Price: $12.99

Availability: Limited

Beer type: Spice beer

Alcohol/Vol.: 8%

Brewery: Brasseurs sans gluten (BSG / Glutenberg)

Country / Region: Montreal Quebec

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